Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Luminox Blackout's Have Arrived

Want to know what the hot watch item is this holiday season? Well, look no further. The Luminox Blackout series of watches is going to be THE watch to have. As you can see, the watches and hands and numerals are all black. The dial is a very dark gray (nearly black) and only the Tritium Gas Tubes provide a hint of the time during daylight hours.

At night, it's an entirely different story, as the Tritium Gas Tubes glow brightly for easy time visibility (Blue Tritium Illumination). The Blackout is a most unusual watch. The Luminox Blackout is handsome, rugged and mysterious

(6402-BO) (3051-BO)

The model 3051-BO is made from lightweight carbon reinforced polyurethane. It has a supple and durable Luminox Signature rubber dive strap. The watch is made to US Navy Seals Military Specifications and meets or exceeds all Navy Seals requirements.

The model 6402-BO is based on the Luminox EVO F-117 Nighthawk Pilots Watch, but BLACKED OUT to all all Black Design. The watch is made entirely from surgical grade stainless steel with a black PVD coating for all black appearance. It has a stainless steel bracelet. The watch is made to F-117 Nighthawk Military Specifications and meets or exceeds all U.S Armed Forces Military Specifications # W-4637 4F. Both of the new Luminox Blackout Watches are depth tested and certified for water tightness to 200 meters (or 660 feet) below sea level.

To order either of these watches head over to Gem of the Day, Time 4 Tritium or Topflight Watches.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

H3 Ladies Commander - New Dial Colors Available!

Just a little follow up on a previous story. Remember when we introduced the H3 Tactical Ladies Commander Tritium watch? Remember when we said it was a great design and perfect size for woman? And that we expected it to be very popular? Well it turns out we were right (don't worry, it doesn't happen very often).

The Ladies Commander Tritium watch has been so popular that H3 Tactical is already expanding the line. That's right, we now have two more models to choose from. Same exact specs as the original, they have simply added more dial color options. The original black is still available and as you can see, they have added blue and white/silver to the mix. Now three great looking watches to choose from just in time for the holidays.

All three are now available and in stock at both Gem of the Day and Time 4 Tritium. Plus FREE Shipping, No Tax and extended Holiday Returns (buy now and return 30-days from Christmas!!!). Now is the perfect time to buy.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Project?

Those of you who have been following us on twitter are already in the know but it's time for my fellow bloggers to get in on it too. A special sneak peak of a new project we have been working on. This is for our followers and fans ONLY! It's not advertised and not linked on the site. The only way to get there is this link -

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let's Make a Deal...

Good watch deals are out there and we know you're out there looking for them. Now more than ever people are really taking the time to search for the best deal they can get. And why not? People love to save money and there is a certain satisfaction that comes with finding a great bargain. It's that natural instinct to "win" and the feeling that comes with success. It's part of the reason sites like eBay are so popular, But when it comes right down to it, shopping for a deal can be a hassle. You have to spend a lot of time searching and half of the time you don't even know who you're buying from. Is this person an Authorized Dealer? Will I get a warranty? And what happens if I don't like it? Am I stuck with it just because I got a good deal? This can all be a little scary.

Fortunately, there is a solution... Good deals from good people. That's right, you can get a great deal on a watch and never worry about the hassle. How? Simply be visiting the good folks at Gem of the Day. Sure, you may already be aware of their every day low prices, low price guarantee, and the best return policy in the business but did you know about the newly redesigned Clearance Section? No? Well, stop what you're doing and head over there to check it out. Seriously, stop what you're doing... Why are you still reading? I'll wait...


Are you back yet? Good. Well as you can see, they have an ever growing selection of great deals. All kinds of brands and styles and you never know what is going to pop up next. Plus the real kicker is that the prices keep going down until the watches are sold out. Think the deals are good today? Check back tomorrow and watch the prices fall. Of course if you wait too long the watch will be gone for good so you have to act quickly if you see a watch you really like. All of the items on that page are very limited so I recommend you keep a watchful eye. Many of them come and go in a single day.

And if that wasn't good enough, one of the best parts is that you're buying from Gem of the Day. That means you get all of the benefits that they offer. They are Authorized Dealers for every watch they sell so everything comes with the FULL Manufactures Warranty. No more guessing, With Gem of the Day it's guaranteed. Plus, you get the same industry leading 30-Day No Hassle Return, even if you wear the watch!!! That's right, you can get a great deal and try it out for yourself. Keep it 30-Days and still return it if you are not 100% satisfied. You just can't beat a deal like that. So go ahead and check it out for yourself. No really... go.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Swiss Timer Tritium Watches

Looking for a Tritium watch but don't like the military look? Well, Swiss Timer might be the watch for you. Swiss Timer is made by a company that has been making watches for a long time but only recently started selling watches here in the US. They make Swiss Made, full Tritium watches without the Military look. Excellent quality and fresh designs, what more could you want. Here take a look at a sampling of what they have to offer...
Both of the above watches feature full Tritium illumination, genuine Sapphire Crystals, at least 100 meters water resistance and a refreshing casual dress design. And they have everything from entry level models starting at $149.00 all the way to top-of-the-line Automatic models that run about $1000.00. Truly something for everyone and worth checking out.

Time 4 Tritium has a good selection available to check out online. Head over there for more information, pics and prices.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ladies Tritium Watch? Yes! Finally!

Well, it seems someone is paying attention out there. If you recall, we did an article a few weeks ago and discussed the need for a ladies Tritium watch. In fact, there is a down right void in the watch industry right now. Or at least there was...

Introducing the ALL NEW Ladies Commander Tritium watch from the good folks at H3 Tactical. Yep, they've done it again. Just the right watch at just the right time. And this time someone got it right. A ladies watch that the average woman in America wants to wear. This watch has a case measurement of just 35.5mm. Slightly larger than the standard ladies watch from Citizen but not too large to actually wear.

Not only that but this watch is tough. You can take this watch literally anywhere and not give it a second thought. With features like a Genuine Sapphire Crystal, Stainless Steel Case, Screw Down Crown, Screw Down Case Back, Full Tritium Illumination and 200m Water Resistance, this watch is ready for anything.

Bravo H3 Tactical, Bravo!

For more info, pictures and purchasing head over to one of out three shops: Gem of the Day, Time 4 Tritium or TopFlightWatches.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Traser Ladyline?

In the world of Tritium watches a true LADIES watch is rare indeed. Sure there are some 3/4 models out there that are generally much larger than most woman want to wear and even those are hard to find. In general, a ladies Tritium watch is non existent. Granted not every woman in the world is clamoring for a ladies Tritium watch but there is definitely a market for it. Especially for woman in the medical profession, military and law enforcement to name a few. (And we get calls from people looking for a good ladies Tritium watch every day.)

So you can understand how excited I was to hear that Traser, makers of nice quality Tritium watches, was making an entire line of Ladies watches! This was something the watch industry was in dire need of and Traser was poised to take full advantage.

Unfortunately, they really dropped the ball. At least in terms of "Ladies" watches. Don't get me wrong, the "Ladyline" by Traser has some Fantastic Models, Great Quality, New Attractive Designs and features you want. So you are asking yourself, If everything is so good, what's the problem? The problem is that the watches are too big. Full size actually! That's right, full size mens watches. In fact, many of them are the same watches they already make. They just simply "Repainted" them and stamped them with "Ladyline" on the label. Take a look at some of the side by side comparisons.

These are the EXACT same watches as the "men's" counterpart. Just with different color combinations/bands.

Literally no difference at all. Same watch, same size, same features. Seems like a copout to me. If you are going to make a ladies line of watches, then make some new watches. Not just repaint the men's watches.

Now to be fair they did develop some legitimately new models (one pictured below). These are great looking models! Some even using PINK Tritium, which is a fantastic touch. And with these being ALL NEW designs, surely they made them an appropriate size, right? Nope, sorry. These models are even BIGGER than the largest mens watch they make. Just how big? 44mm on average. (Most of the mens line is 40mm-42mm).

Of course, I realize that these are Swiss designed watches and as long as we are being objective, you need to have all the facts. Over in Europe ladies are wearing much larger watches then they are here in the USA. In fact, it is not unusual to see a ladies watch push the 50mm barrier... in Europe, but unfortunately we have not quite gotten there here in the USA. So what does this mean for ladies here in the USA looking for a Tritium watch? It looks like you're going to have to continue to wait. The Ladyline from Traser is not the answer to the average consumer here in the States.

So, in the mean time, What do we do with the "Ladyline"? Easy, sell them for what they are. New mens models. (and a few LARGE ladies models) Because aside from the Pink and Blue models, every one of these look quite sharp and could easily be worn by men.

So those looking for some new styles, you're in luck. Those looking for new "ladies" watches, you may need to pass on this one. I just don't think America is ready for these watches just yet.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The New Kid on the Block

Can you tell we like Tritium watches? Well, we do. And today, there is a new kid on the block. H3 Tactical has brought out an entry level model poised to steal the thunder from the competition. The ALL NEW Sniper Lightweight Special Ops Series.

You've seen similar watches from other companies, but the Sniper beats them all feature for feature. For example, this watch has the very lightweight carbon reinforced polyurethane case as do some others. But only the Sniper also has a full screw down crown for assured water resistance to 330 feet below sea level! And every Sniper model is equipped with an unusually hard and tough tempered crystal (900 Vickers instead of 500 Vickers). The watch also has a stainless steel screw down case back.

You get all of this plus Color Tritium Illumination Combinations (Pictured below), Professional Military Grade Watch and a Swiss Jeweled Quartz Watch Movement. All for LESS than the competition!!! These watches are currently selling for about $199.00 (Reg. $295.00). That is about $20-$40 less than the competition from some of the other companies out there.

Now, Yes, there are some other Tritium watches out there for less. Some of them are quite good. But "pound for pound" you are gonna be hard pressed to find a better watch at the same price.

Have you been looking at getting into Tritium Watch? Don't want to spend too much money? Checking out the entry level options trying to find the best watch for the Price? If the answer to any of those questions were YES, then you really need to take a look at the Sniper Lightweight Special Ops Series. It really is one of the best values currently available on the market today.

For more Details, Photos and Information head over to Gem of the Day or Time4Tritium

Monday, August 3, 2009

Traser Aviator Bestmann 25 Jewel Automatic Watch

The Traser Aviator Bestmann is one of the best watches available in the Traser Tritium Watch Line.

Traser starts off be using one of the finest ETA Swiss 25 Jewel Automatic movement. Then encases this movement within a beautifully crafted retro design stainless steel case. the case itself is wonderfully designed and finished out beautifully from top to bottom. In fact, every part of this watch was well thought out and wonderfully produced.

Next we move to the dial which pays homage to Bücker Aeroplanes, featuring a special logo on the left side of the dial. Then top it all off with a Genuine Sapphire Crystal top and bottom (Exhibition case back).

The Traser Aviator Bestmann rivals the finest prestige Swiss watches and, frankly, beats them all. That's because, of all the most honored Swiss Automatic Watches, only Traser offers the incredible WHITE TRITIUM Trigalight® illumination. H3 mb-microtec is the only manufacturer of White Tritium Gas Tubes in the world, and they are simply not available to any other manufacturer.

The entire Aviator Collection has been created by Traser in homage to the great Bücker Aeroplanes. Pioneers in aviation, Bücker aircraft were among the finest and most innovative ever built. Traser is honoring that tradition with this fine series of watches.

Caseback of the Traser Bestmann features the individual number of the watch in the series of 200.The Bücker Bestmann was the last Bücker aeroplane built. It was a single engine plane with an enclosed cabin and a single low wing design. It was one of the finest aerobatic planes of its day. Many consider the legendary Bü 181 Bestmann one of the finest aircraft ever built.

Traser is crafting each individually made Aviator Bestmann with that same attention of quality, innovation and design excellence. World wide production is limited to just 200 pieces and each Bestmann is numbered on the case back with its own number out of the 200 pieces. In addition the watch comes in a wooden collector's case that has the Bestmann Seal Certificate, bearing the same number out of the series of 200.

The watch is fitted with an exhibition back so the owner can view the workings of the fine ETA movement. And the watch is equipped with a compass style bezel which can rotate to assist in locating directions, sundial navigation and map reading. A cream colored retro designed dial bearing the Bücker logo completes the design of the watch.

For more information, photos and purchasing information head over here - Gem of the Day, TopFlightWatches or Time 4 Tritium.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Worlds 1st Full Tritium 24 Hour Watch!

Virtually every other watch on earth tells time in a conventional 12 hour dial and the hour hand revolves around the dial once every 12 hours. In this new H3 Tactical Stealth Mission Watch, the hour hand only travels around the dial once every 24 hours! For pilots traveling day and night across many time zones, this design is extremely desirable. At a glance the pilot knows the time in the military 24 hour format.

Military personnel all also use the 24 hour time format to insure there are never any mistakes about the time for precision military operations. Likewise, this format is indispensable for people working under extreme conditions where it might be impossible to tell day from night, underground construction workers or miners, for example.

While only a very few of these 24 hour dial watches even exist, none has ever been made before with full Tritium Illumination. All 24 hour makers are tritium powered, as are the hour, minute and second hands. This means an amazing 27 tritium tubes are used to illuminate the watch dial.

The H3 Tactical Stealth Mission Watch is made entirely of surgical stainless steel. The crystal is virtually scratch proof sapphire glass. The Swiss Made Jeweled Quartz Movement is extremely accurate and durable. And the Watch is depth tested to 333 feet (100 meters) below sea level. All in all this is a great series of watches. Available in three different styles: All Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet, All PVD Case and Bracelet and a PVD model with a Rubber Dive Strap. For more information, pictures and details head over to any of our other sites:
Gem of the Day, Time4Tritium or TopflightWatches.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Torgoen T07 Limited Edition Pilot's Watch

Now here is a watch that we are very excited about... The T07 Limited Edition Pilot's Flight Computer watch.

This beauty has a stunning rose goldtone and black PVD case, Carbon Fiber dial and black polyurethane strap. It is also packed with features like a very unique complete 2nd analog two hand watch subdial to track a second time zone or GMT (UTC or Zulu) time. As well as a E6B slid rule bezel located under the crystal and controlled by a second crown.

Torgoen Limited Edition T07101Production of this stunning pilot's watch is limited to just 500 watches worldwide. It comes in a one-of-a-kind red leather and black lacquer piano finish jewelry case and includes both a signature Torgoen Polyurethane strap and a fine padded and stitched leather strap.

In making this very special watch, Torgoen Swiss used the finest components available along with their expertise in pilot's watch design to craft this beautiful pilot's flight computer watch. The E6B Flight Computer Slide Rule Bezel is housed safely underneath the scratchproof sapphire glass crystal.

The case is solid stainless steel finished in black PVD and rose gold plating for a dramatic design. The crystal is virtually scratch proof sapphire glass. The four rose goldtone accent screws on the square case complete the design and add a richness and elegance unique to the watch.

Pilots often need a watch that will always display Universal Coordinated Time (also referred to as Zulu time). Many pilots prefer to have their watch display both their home time and their destination time, if it is in a different time zone. The T07 displays two time zones at a glance, one on the main watch face and the other in the analog watch subdial at the 6 o'clock position.

The T07 Limited Edition is a watch is a fantastic edition to any watch collection and a must have for the pilot/watch enthusiast. Torgoen Swiss makes a number of fine pilot's watches but this is truly the finest model they have ever produced.

For more information head over to Gem of the Day or TopFlight Watches. Find the latest details, more photos and pricing information. You own it to yourself to check this one out.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Uzi Ballistic Watch

UZI is calling their new Ballistic Watch the toughest watch ever made. While this might be a slight exaggeration, it is one really tough watch and one we can heartily recommend to our clients.

The Ballistic is the latest in a line of Tritium Illuminated Watches from UZI. Tritium Illumination glows brightly for 25 years and never needs recharging.

Here's a video the folks at UZI made, having a little fun with the new watch. By the way, Campco is their American Distributor.

There are three secrets to the new UZI Ballistic watch that makes it so tough. First, the crystal is a virtually shatter proof polycarbonate glass. And the crystal is recessed, too.

Second, the movement is protected with an internal shock protection mechanism.

Finally, the case is an extra tough and thick stainless steel. The watch is also water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet).

You can get the full specifications about on the new Ballistic and see all three models at our
Uzi Ballistic Time 4 Tritium Website. Check out our new, lower prices on all UZI models, too.