Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Watch Designed for the EMT

Whether working with the Fire Department, Police Department or any branch of the Armed Services, the EMT's (or Emergency Medical Technician's) job is often the toughest and most demanding profession of them all.  

EMTs often work under the most difficult of circumstances, in the tightest spaces and must perform their duties quickly and accurately if they are to save lives.  There simply is no room for compromise. 

H3 Tactical has created a Tritium Illuminated Watch especially for the EMT that, for the first time ever, uses four different colors of Tritium designed to help the EMT do his or her job.  More on the four color tritium design later.

Let's start firsr with the actual construction of the watch, case and strap.  To make a watch tough enough for use in the field, especially by the military, H3 Tactical started with their extremely popular S.W.A.T. watch.  This is the strongest, toughest watch H3 Tactical makes.  The case is entirely surgical, 316 grade, stainless steel.  The crystal is highly scratch resistant sapphire glass.  Both the crown and the case back screw down for maximum water tightness.  As a result the watch is water resistant to 660 feet below sea level.

Speaking of the crown it is repositioned on this watch from the traditional 3 o'clock position to the 10 o'clock position.  This increases wrist movement for both left handed and right handed wearers, The crown never impedes flexibility, never gouges the wrist or arm.

The Swiss Movement is a multi-jeweled Quartz Movement that is extremely accurate, shock resistant, and dependable.  Battery life is an amazing 42 months and there is a low power warning system to alert the EMT to change the battery weeks before any possible power failure.

To assist the EMT in evaluating a patient's condition quickly and accurately, H3 Tactical added a unidirectional 20 Heartbeat pulse meter bezel.  Instead of having to count heartbeats over a lengthy period of time and then multiple the number to the equivalent of a one minute timeframe, the EMT only needs to count 20 heartbeats from the zero position on the bezel and glance down to accurately determine the pulse rate. No mathematical computation is necessary.

This is a great tool for the EMT.  But what if the EMT is working in low light or total darkness, perhaps on the battlefield, during a power outage or other demanding set of circumstances?  That's where the four colors of tritium come into play.

As you can see to the right, the second hand and the 12 o'clock (or zero) markers have blaue tritium. This is the starting point for the 20 heartbeat count.  If the EMT reaches 20 heartbeats with the second hand in the orange, the heart is beating too rapidly.  If, however, the 20 count in in the green tritium area, that patient is in good condition with a pulse rate between 60 and 80 beats per minute.

It the 20 beat count falls into the lower orange range, the pulse rate is too low.  If it falls into the red, it is dangerously too low and immediate action is required.  This is a powerful too for the EMT.

As you might have already guessed, runners, cross trainers and all athletes also love the pulse meter on this watch.  Certainly everyone loves the strength and durability of this model.

And I'm going to be honest here, even the casual wearers love the color tritium display, it just looks fantastic!  The good news it that even if you are just a casual wearer, you can't purchase a better, tougher, more versatile or longer lasting watch.

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