Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Skyrocketing Price of Gold

Although this is a watch forum, I would really be remiss if I didn't point out the stunning increase in the price of gold over the last few days.

We are already seeing some gold watch manufacturer's raising the prices of their watches and others attaching a surcharge for the amount that gold rises above the $600.00 per ounce benchmark.

Here is a live active chart for the price of gold from the folks at Kitco:

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As I write this entry gold is hovering around $733.00 per ounce, the highest prices in over 30 years.

Ultimately this will affect the prices of gold electroplated watches, too. And the gold jewelry on our Gem of the Day website is being heavily affected.

The good news is that all the gold you already own is increasing in value. Certainly it has always made sense to have gold, precious metals and other commodities as part of your savings portfolio. But your gold jewelry is increasing in value, too!!

If you're planning to purchase a gold watch or gold jewelry please callus TOLL FREE at 1 (888) 243-6329 and we can discuss the best values and the opportunities presented by certain manufacturers who are holding the line on increases at this time.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Theory of EVO-lution

Luminox Watch Company has been gradually introducing new versions of all their most popular models over this past year. All the new models carry the "EVO" signature, which Luminox tells us is short for "evolved." And that indeed is what Luminox is trying to accomplish.

Virtually all the classic Luminox models have been around for the last ten years. These were groundbreaking watches when Luminox introduced them but they have now been copied by other so-called military brands. A few watch companies, most notably Smith & Wesson (also offered by Gem of the Day and Time4Tritium), have even copied the TRITIUM ILLUMINATION of the Luminox.

So Luminox decided to reinvent their best selling watches for three very important reasons:

  1. Luminox wanted truly unique and original styling. They wanted styles that would be "exclusive" and they wanted to own the copyright on the styles. They felt that having original styles would make the brand more desirable. And, because others had copied the old Luminox styles, they felt the old look had become commonplace.

  2. The new styling coming out of Switzerland is much larger and bolder. Even though Luminox watches were larger than average men's watches, the direction of styling for men's timepieces was even bigger and bolder. Since Luminox competes with brands like Tag Heuer and Brietling, they wanted to have offerings as fresh and exciting as their Swiss competitors.
  3. Technology has changed and evolved and Luminox wanted to incorporate the latest Swiss technology. The new watches have improved features such as color Tritium illumination and dual window "BIG DATE" functions. Luminox wanted to make sure they were at the leading edge of Swiss technology.

As you can see from the picture at the top of this article, Luminox has really succeeded. The new "EVO" Series II Navy Seals Dive Watches are 5 millimeters wider with a larger, easier to read dial. Notice the numerals are larger and bolder on both the dial and the rotating bezel.

And the new Nylon Velcro strap is larger and wider. It's more comfortable and looks better. People who see it in our showroom can't understand why Luminox didn't do this sooner!

The watch has the traditional Navy Seals look, but it has "evolved" to a more modern, rugged version.

Many more pictures, including all seven available dial colors, and complete specifications are available on our two websites offering the EVO Navy Seals Series II Watches:

Luminox Navy Seals Watches, EVO Series II from Gem of the Day

Luminox Navy Seals EVO Series II Collection (time4tritium)