Friday, November 1, 2013

Never Forget to Fall Back Again!

(Seiko Astrom Solar GPS - SAST003)

This Sunday marks the end of Daylight Savings Time (DST) in most areas of the USA.  Twice a year we adjust the time either forward or back depending on if we are going into or coming out of DST.  I always remember it by the old simple saying, Spring Forward or Fall Back.  Meaning in the Spring you set the time forward an hour and in the Fall you set it back an hour.  Most of us have done it all our lives and while we are used to doing it, it's still sometimes a pain. 

Like for me personally I have quite a few watches.  DST means having to adjust all of them at some point or another.  But it also means actually remembering that DST is happening.  How many time have we just missed it completely only to show up an hour early/late the following day?  More times than I care to admit.  But we carry on and go about our little time changing rituals.  Wall clocks, watches, car clocks, mantel clocks etc... but then there are a few clock that have started getting smarter.  Car clocks/radios and cell phones were among the first to offer automatically updating time.  If the feature is turned on, the clocks will automatically update to the correct time for you.  Wake up the next morning and your phone has already changed and ready for the new day.  It's a nice convenience and one that has started to spoil us to the luxuries of modern technology. 

Well now, watches are starting to make the leap as well.  Most notably the Atomic Controlled/Satellite Controlled watches.  Many watches have had DST features built in to them for years now but you still had to tell it to adjust the time.  Basically they just an hour adjustment when you told it to but these new AT (Atomic Time) watches are different.  They will adjust the time automatically without you doing a thing.  Just go to sleep as normal on Saturday night and wake up Sunday to find the watch is already updated and ready to go.  It's a wonderfully welcome feature to an ever evolving marketplace.  And beyond that it actually updates the time every night so it is to-the-second accurate all the time.  Time and date automatically adjust every day making these watches the most care-free watches to own.  Combined with the Solar technology you don't even have to change the battery!  Talk about easy to own and operate.

 (Citizen Skyhawk AT - JY0010-50E) 

So much so that I find myself wearing Atomic watches more and more.  They are just too easy and convenient compared to the other watches in my collect.  Not only is the watch always running (thanks to the solar tech), it's always got the right time and date down to the exact second.  Just pick it up and put it on. Not only that but I use it to set the time on my "less advanced" watches too.  It's the gold standard as far as accuracy and convenient to set by.  Whatever watch replaces it on my wrist gets set to the time before going back in my watch box.

Now don't get me wrong, I actually just blogged about the beauty of Automatics and how new technology watches have lost some of the "soul" you find in the beating heart of a mechanical watch but that is not to say they don't have their place right along side them.  So next time you find yourself going through the house and resetting everything for DST, remember that there is a better way.  And right now is the best time of all.  In celebration of these watches and just in time for DST ending we are launching a FALLBACK sale on all of our automatically updating watches.  All Atomic and Satellite watches are on sale from now through November 15th on Topflight Watches.  Just enter the code FALLBACK during checkout and receive an additional 10% off your purchase of any Atomic/Satellite controlled watch.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Preview: Torgoen's T33 Series

"The T33 was made in commemoration of one of the most successful American planes in the history of the Airforce, the P51 North American Mustang. It was designed by Edgar Schmued and introduced in 1942 to be used in WWII, but it continued to be used in the Korean war and other conflicts. It broke many speed records for piston engine airplanes even decades after its production ended. The Mustang was used for a "fighter sweep" to clear the air for the B52 bombers. When the Mustangs started being used the Luftwaffe lost 17% of their pilots in one week." - Torgoen USA

The T33 is designed in the fashion of the P51 Mustang with features of the cockpit. It's inspiration was drawn from the legendary plane itself and is a striking looking time piece. Like most torgoen watches it was designed with pilots in mind. Clear and easy to read hands and markers are designed to be readable in the blink of an eye. The numbers, hands and markers take design ques directly from the instruments found on the P51. The idea is to not only borrow from the design of the P51 but also recreate the ideal readability. The last thing you need to do while flying is to have to stare at your instruments. You need to be able to tell at an instant exactly wehat is going on. The same is true for the T33 "Mustang" Collection.
On the inside is an all Swiss made Rhonda chronograph movement. Precise, well built and dependable. The case is solid stainless steel and it's available in a wide variety of dial colors and band options. In fact a total of 10 different options of this watch are available. Each has a nicely unique look and feel to it. With a collection this diverse, you would be hard pressed to not find a model that speaks to you personally.

Other key features include a K1 Mineral Crystal, 100 meter water resistance, true 12 hour chronograph and luminous hands and markers for night visibility. It's a truly striking Swiss made watch at a very affordable price. The watch has great fit and finish front and back as do all the newer Torgoen watches of late. Torgoen is really stepping up their game and changes company wide have set them on a new path to deliver the best quality available. The T33 "Mustang" Collection is a perfect example of the new direction and the quality they can produce.

If you would like to see all 10 models together, visit Torgoen USA. TopFlight Watches is proud to be among the first to offer this watch here in the USA. Addition pictures, specs and pricing is also available as usual. If you have any questions, comments or concerns do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. Our "Watch Guys" are ready to help with anything you might need. Real experts are just a phone call away! You can reach us Toll Free at 1-888-243-6329 or shop online with us at TopFlight Watches, Time4Tritium and Gem of the Day.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Modern Automatics

Once upon a time mechanical watches were the only option for personal time keeping.  During the inception of the personal timekeeping, mankind developed an amazing piece of technology.  Based off the larger, easier to make clocks of the time, we developed an incredibly compact and amazingly accurate (for the time) personal timepiece.  Originally in the form of pocket watches and eventually wrist watches.  These first watches were made entirely of cogs, gears, springs, coils, plates and levers.  There was no power supply like modern watches.  The watches were run off a 'main spring' set inside the watch and you had to wind it up by the stem.  As you wound the watch, tension applied to the spring would force the other parts of the watch to move.  Eventually the main spring would unwind completely and the watch would stop.  Then you simply wound it up and again and away it went.  It was truly a remarkable invention and a testament to human ingenuity.  Even today I an impressed when I look at a mechanical.  I marvel at how well it still works to this day.  No fancy batteries or circuit boards.  Just pure engineering and careful calculations all set to the unwinding of a spring in the center of the watch and managed to keep remarkably accurate time all things considered.

Fast forward a few decades we see a ton of new version and improvements to the wrist watch.  They made them better, smaller, more accurate and durable.  First we saw the invention of the "automatic".  This was the the same basic principal as the first mechanical watches but added a weighted pendulum that would rotate inside the watch case as the owner wore the watch.  The rotation of the weight would "automatically" wind the main spring and keep the watch constantly running as long as the wearer remained active.  This proved to be a major improvement in the overall design and remains the standard for mechanical watches even to this day.  Almost all modern mechanical watches are automatic mechanical watches of some form or another and even the term "automatic" is often used to describe any mechanical watch by the uninitiated. 

But soon came the dark days of mechanical watches with the invention of the modern battery powered quartz watch.  These watches were no longer powered by a constantly unwinding spring but rather by a small replaceable battery.  This provided a constant power supply for longer periods of time and even opened the door to more possibilities then would ever be possible in an "old fashioned" wind up watch.  The technology increased almost as fast as companies could make watches.  1/100th stop watches, multi-time zones, multi-alarms, calculators, altimeters, depth gauges, atomic time, etc...  Greater accuracy and dependability then was ever possible before.  Watch would run better and longer without any required maintenance AND have more features than ever possible.

The automatic mechanical watch was in big trouble.  Companies went out of business and factories shut down.  The modern quartz watch was the future and the older antiquated technology was being left behind.  But it wasn't the only thing left behind.  Something was actually lost in the transition that no one at the time was considering.  Everyone was so concentrated on making a better, stronger, more advanced watch that they lost sight of something very special.  The heart of the watch itself.  Modern quartz watches and very impressive things but they lack... should I say souls?  As impressive as they are technologically speaking, on the inside they have very few moving parts and are controlled by circuit boards and micro computers.  They are boring, dull and lifeless.  No thought to beauty or design.  All function and no form.

Fortunately people eventually started to notice.  Watch collectors and watchmakers at first but eventually the general public as a whole.  The automatic watch movement was helped by some big key player as well.  People like Rolex and Breitling were heavily invested in high-end mechanical watches.  They started to sell the beauty of the movement, the romance.  The precision manufacturing and multi-jeweled movements.  Hand crafted parts and exhibition cases to show off the raw beauty of the mechanical hearts.
Mechanical watches soon became seen more as wearable art.  Beautiful pieces of functional precision.  Something that was to be admired for it's achievement in engineering.  They were elevated to a whole new level that they continue to enjoy even today.  as even today, with all the advances made, an automatic mechanical watch will never be as accurate or dependable as a quartz watch.  But owning an automatic mechanical watch is about so much more.  It's about owning a piece of history, a piece of art.  A precision instrument which can draw direction lines of history back to the very first personal timepieces.  Modern mechanical automatic are better than ever before.  More accurate and dependable but that is not what owning one is all about.

For more information on mechanical watches or watches in general give us a call Toll Free at 1-888-243-6329.  We love watches and love talking about watches.  If you are considering buying a watch or just want some information let us know.  We are happy to help and you get to talk to real watch experts.  You can also check out our online stores Gem of the Day, Time 4 Tritium and TopFlight Watches.  Each is packed with great watches and great deals!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The NEW Seiko Sharktooth Monster

As many of our readers know, the original Seiko Orange Monster is a classic staple of watch collectors and divers the world over.  So popular that while originally it was only available in Japanese markets, the demand was so big they brought it to every other market in the world where it continued to sell well for years.  Now there's a new Monster and it is one great looking follow-up.

Featuring a solid black-ion finish and gradient orange to black sun burst dial, the Sharktooth Monster is one impressive watch to behold.  It's roots trace back to the original Orange Monster and you can see the similarities in many aspect of this new model.  First you will notice the case and bezel.  While actually retooled they have a strong resemblance to the original. 

Then there is the overall design of the dial and hands.  And once again, while similar, there are slight differences to the new design.  Most notable is the actual hour markers.  The new Monster has sharper angles which lead to it's namesake, the Sharktooth Monster (also referred to as the Sharptooth Monster depending on who you talk to).  This design change coupled with the black on orange color scheme and a few sharper lines end up making this watch a much more aggressive looking design.

But the changes don't stop there.  In fact the biggest change is one you can't even see.  The new Monster series from Seiko actually feature a brand new 25-Jewel Automatic/Mechanical movement.  This address the only real short comings of the original series of watches.  You see the original, while legendary for it's durability and dependability, had two flaws holding it back from being an otherwise perfect time piece. One was no stem winding capability and the other was no "hack" feature (where the time stops when you pull out the stem to set the time).  The new movement from Seiko offers both!  You can now fully stem wind the watch as well as the automatic winding from wearing the watch normally and you can also "hack" the time which allows to more specific and accurate timing of event and operations.

What comes as no real surprise is the superior night time illumination.  Now, it's no secret that we are big fans of Tritium watches here on The Watch Guys Blog.  I personally own several and generally preach their superiority at every turn.  But, like many things in life, there is always an exception.  That exception would be the Seiko diver's watches.  Generally speaking these are some of the best illuminating watches available anywhere in the world, at any price.  I mean take a look at the image below.  The effect is so bright you can use it like a flashlight and due to the fact that they apply such a generous portion of paint it can glow all night long.

So in the end you really end up with something quite special but what is it exactly?  A new bold design?  The next generation of a legendary series?  The evolution of a true classic?  Yes, yes and yes...  But also so much more. This marks the beginning of a new chapter for Seiko and the future looks bright.  This watch is really an amazing time piece and one of the few times that you get something even more special that the sum of its parts. You really own it to yourself to find one of these and see it in person.  Hold it in your hand and really feel it.  Wind the stem and feel the turn of the movement.  I'm telling you, this watch is special.  Don't miss out.

For more information, pictures and pricing info please visit us at either TopFlight Watches or Gem of the Day.  In stock now and available for immediate shipping.  You can also call us Toll Free at 1-888-243-6329.  we love watches and we love to talk.  Call us for more information or to just talk watches.  Real experts and real world experience is just a phone call away.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Citizen Navihawk is Back!

The Citizen Navihawk is a classic and beloved watch from years past.  Back before the change to Eco-Drive the Navihawk was one of citizen top-of-the-line model pilots watches.  Actually, it was the equivalent of the modern Skyhawk.  In fact, the Skyhawk directly took the place of the Navihawk. The only real difference between the two models was the Eco-Drive technology.  As such, the Navihawk was phased out in favor of the new Eco-Drive model.  But now the Navihawk has made a triumphant return to the Citizen line-up and does so with style.

The Watch Guys are proud to introduce the all new Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk A-T (citizen model JY8035-04E). Back with all the trimmings, this new model is once again one of Citizens top-of-the-line watches and comes jam packed with all of their modern tech.  With Atomic Clock synchronization for superior accuracy, this radio-controlled timepiece displays digitally the time in 43 cities, and has a 99-minute countdown timer and Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) display as well as 2 world Time Alarms, Analog/Digital Display and 180-Day power Reserve.  Completely with a back-light for the digital display.

Basically, it's a Skyhawk A-T in new clothes but boy does it look good all dressed up!  The Navihawk features an all black stainless steel case (black ion plating), with a deep embossed black polyurethane strap and orange accents on the dial.  The overall effect is quite striking in person and give the watch a tougher look than it's Skyhawk brothers.  The rotating bezel has a coin-edge finish on the outer ring and provides nice grip when using the E6B Bezel for calculations.

Overall fit and finish is also top notch and really should be seen to be appreciated.  Everything from the buttons to the bezel to the case-back and nicely finished and feel good to the touch.  Citizen really out did themselves once again.  The Navihawk is a welcome edition to the Citizen watch brand and watch fans the world over.

For more information, pricing and ordering information on this model please visit our page at Topflight Watches.   Or for the complete collection of Navihawk A-T's you can visit us here.

Friday, September 13, 2013

H3 Tactical Trooper Colors Blowout SALE!

Swiss Made Tritium Military Watches for Under $175!

For one week only we are running a SUPER BLOWOUT SALE on every H3 Tactical Trooper Color model!  From September 13 thru September 20 you can grab any Trooper Color model for $174.90!

This is the lowest price ever offered on these watches.  No special codes needed and no hoops to jump through.  Simply head to one of our three sites and checkout.  Don't miss you chance to grab one of the best Military Tritium watches on the market for a steal of a price.   This is a limited time offer and will end one week from today. 

These are Swiss made watches with genuine Swiss Movements and Tritium Illumination (Compare to Luminox Navy Seals watches @ $330.00).  These watches feature a Solid Stainless Steel Caseback, Screwdown Crown and K1 Mineral Crystal.  Also unique to the Trooper Colors collection is it's vast aray of Color Tritium options.  The effect is truly impressive.  Check out the pictures below...

Remember this sale is only going on for 1 week! Don't miss out!

Shop online here @ Gem of the Day, Top Flight Watches or Time4Tritium

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Luminox Tony Kanaan Limited Edition Chronograph

The 2013 special Limited Edition of the Tony Kanaan Racing Chronograph was designed for and by champion Indy Car race driver, Tony Kanaan. It's cutting-edge design concept showcases an asymmetrical 3-layer case highlighted with Tony's own racing colors and a racing stripe style genuine leather strap.  It's a beautiful watch that really needs to be seen in order to appreciate it.  The level of detail is superb.  Everything from the push buttons to the carbon fiber inserts on the side of the watch are finished in the finest detail.  This watch is breath taking from every angle and very limited.  More so with Tony Kanaan winning the Indy 500 this year.  Collectors and fans alike are all trying to get a hold of this amazing timepiece and supplies are running low.  Fortunately we do have a few of this fantastic watch still in stock and ready to ship.  Normally I don't do blog entries to promote limited editing watch since they sell out so quickly but every once in a while a watch is so cool it deserves the extra attention.  This is one of those times.

For those of you into specs and features, we have compiled a list of the key features below:

  • Limited edition to 999 pieces worldwide
  • Ronda 5050.B Swiss quartz movement
  • White dial with black, yellow and green accents
  • 316L stainless steel black PVD case with carbon fiber inlay on sides
  • Double date display at the 6 o'clock position
  • Tony Kanaan logo at the 4 o'clock position
  • Fix black ceramic bezel
  • Screwed case-back
  • Double-security gasket crown
  • Sapphire glass crystal with anti-reflective coating
  • Genuine black leather strap with white stripes & black stitching, security buckle
  • TRITIUM GAS TUBE Illumination - Hour and Minute Hands and all Hour Markers
  • Water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet)

  • Diameter: 44 mm (with Setting Crown 47 mm)
  • Depth (Thickness): 13 mm 
Little things bring the Tony Kanaan Racing Chronograph (Luminox model 1146) to a level above the other watches offered currently on the market.  The ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal, carbon fiber inserts and yellow and green tritium tubes all come together to make something special.  The custom fitted leather strap and dial work together to make one integrated design carried throughout the watch and the asymetrical case sets everything off with just the right angles.

But honestly, talking about this watch and looking at pictures is not enough.  It really is one of those watches that has to be seen to be appreciated.  Pictures just don't do it justice.  If you are interested, give us a call TOLL FREE at 1-888-243-6329 to check availability and pricing.  We could sell out at any moment so call first if you can.  You can also order online from us here.  (Gem of the Day is an Authorized Luminox Dealer, selling only brand new, factory fresh Luminox watches.)

For more information, pricing or just to talk about watches, give us a call.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Sale!

Don't miss out on one of the best sales of the year.  All three of our sites are running a massive LABOR DAY SALE!  You can save an additional 15% off our alrealy low prices on everything.  Every brand!  And you can save on your entire purchase.  Go wild!  just enter the code: LABORDAY during checkout and you are good to go.  We hope you have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Citizen Blue Angels World Chronograph A-T

We are pleased to introduce the all new Citizen's Blue Angels World Chronograph A-T!  The next evolution in World A-T watches comes to the Blue Angels series in a big way.  The World Chronograph A-T series of watches by Citizen is the all analog chrono A-T movement.  This means that the traditional digital windows have been thrown out in favor of a more sophisticated look.  Cleaner lines hide the amazing technology lying beneath it's more traditional looking face.  Underneath beats the heart of one of Citizen's most advanced timepieces.

The World Chronograph A-T is the latest in Citizen's Atomic Timekeeping series (hence the A-T moniker).  This means that this watch is capable of receiving the atomic signal and setting itself in 26 different timezones across the world.  Not only that but it also has a 1/20 second chronograph for timekeeping, perpetual calendar, 12/24 hour time dial, power-reserve indicator, E6B slide-rule inner bezel and a anti-reflective sapphire crystal!  All of that is packed into a sleek and sexy design that looks at home as much on the golf course as it does in the cockpit.

And it doesn't stop there.  There are the little things too.  Like the signature yellow strip that runs along the bezel tying in the accent color of the dials and second hand.  The fit and finish of the bracelet and the blue accent strips that line each button.  Each inch of this watch have been given the extra care it deserves.  It's a truly remarkable timepiece that needs to be seen to be appreciated.

This amazing watch is currently available in two trims.  One with a solid stainless steel bracelet (model AT8020-54L) and one with a blue leather strap (model AT8020-03L).  You can check out more features and info by visiting us on one of our retail sites: Gem of the Day or TopFlight Watches.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Give Us a Call

Looking for the best deals on watches and jewelery online?  The answer is just a simple phone call away.  As Authorized Internet Dealers for the brands we sell, we can offer you the best product and full warranties on every item.  This also means we delivery brand new fully authentic watches direct from the manufacturer.  As a consumer this means that you can shop with confidence knowing that you are getting exactly what you want, fully boxed, never worn product that is backed by the full manufacturer's USA warranty.

We think this is an important way of doing business.  It's the right way to do it and it means our customers get the best service if they ever end up having a problem.  However, part of being an Authorized Internet Dealer is following the rules and guidelines of the companies we represent.  And in many cases that means following a MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) policy.  Basically, the price we show on the website has to follow the guidlines set by the manufacturer.  This leads some consumers to believe that you have to pay more to buy Authorized.  NOT TRUE.  We are just as competitive as any dealer but to get the best price, you have to give us a call.

We can offer you the best price of anywhere on the internet.  You get the best of both worlds.  A Full USA Warranty AND the lowest price online.  All it takes is a minute of your time.  Those "grey market" dealers may look like a great deal when you are searching for a price but the deal starts to lose its appeal once you realized it may not come with a warranty, box or could even be a fake.  Don't get taken in by the flashing lights and fast talk.  Give us a call and talk to a real watch expert.  We can answer all your questions, give you the best deal online and peace of mind buying from an Authorized Dealer.

You can reach a real watch expert Monday through Friday 9pm-6pm and 10am-3pm on Saturdays (Central Time).  Real live people answer the phones and you get the best customer service in the business.  Give us a shot.   

Toll Free 1-888-243-6329

Friday, April 26, 2013

Traser P6600 Sand Collection

The Watch Guys are please to bring you yet another new design from Traser.  This comes once again from the ever expanding P6600 series of watch.  This has proven to be a winning design and as such, Traser continues to expand and create new designs in this catalog of watches.  The newest design is the all new TRASER P6600 Sand Tactical Tritium Collection.

Based off of the popular P6600 Type 6 series of military watches, the P6600 Sand is highly stable, shock resistant, highly visible day or night, water resistance and ready for any adventure.

The new P6600 Sand is also the latest in a long line of top notch military watches featuring a lightweight double case construction, with an all steel case housed in a lightweight carbon-fiberglass outer shell. This design allows for a true screw down crown and case back, superior water resistance and overall durability.

Of course the new Traser P6600 Sand Watch has Traser's famed Trigalight(r) Illumination system, providing the best readability in all lighting situations.

But what sets this series apart is the new color design AND the inclusion of a Sapphire Crystal.  That's right, this is the only collection in the series (apart from the P6600 Automatic for nearly twice the price) to come with a Sapphire Crystal.  So when you combine the legendary durability and performance of the P6600 Type 6 with all new "Sand" design AND a Sapphire Crystal you get a truly special collection.  One that is on our short list of watches to keep an eye on.  This one is going to be HOT!

Check out more details, pics, prices and specs by visiting us at Time 4 Tritium and TopFlight Watches.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Watch Guys are proud to present the ALL NEW -  
Traser P6508 Shadow 

The Traser P6508 Shadow is based on the legendary Traser Code Blue watch. It has all the same great features including the incredibly popular combination of blue, orange and green tritium gas illumination tubes but is now available in the new "Blackout" style.

As you may be aware, the all black or "blackout" watches are all the rage right now.  You will find a veration in almost every brand in the world.  So, what makes the Traser different?  With the P6508 Shadow you get the legendary Traser military durability in a true Mil-Spec F watch, great styling and the superior "always-on" illumination Traser is known for.

Traser watches really are some of the best in the world and until you see a Tritium watch for yourself you really can't understand.  There is nothing else like it and once you try one, you will be hooked for life.  It truly is the perfect watch for any occasion.

For more information, pricing, pictures and specifications please take a closer look here.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wenger, Maker of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife, is offering this LIMITED EDITION gift set which is one of the nicest we have seen in quite some time.  It comes beautifully packaged in a special collectors case and features a Squadron Rescue Chronograph Watch with two wrist straps (one orange orange silicone strap and a dress black leather strap), plus an exclusive Black RangerGrip Swiss Army Knife with orange grips.  The case itself is a treaurse all on its one and can easily be converted to a computer carrying case once the insert is removed.

The centerpiece of the set is the Limited Edition Squadron Rescue Chronograph. This meticulously detailed timepiece, dedicated to the search and rescue pilots worldwide, offers multiple features such as a 12-hour chronograph that measures elapsed hours, minutes and seconds, luminous hands, sapphire crystal and water-resistance up to 100 meters (330 feet). With a black PVD-coated stainless steel case crafted to excel in the most extreme conditions, the Squadron Rescue is well-equipped to handle any task. Bright, bold and unmistakable, the Squadron Rescue is fitted with a high-visibility orange silicone strap.

Included in the case is a fine black leather strap with orange stitching for dress occasions. Also included is a special edition RangerGrip Swiss Army Knife with black grips and orange accents. The Genuine Swiss Army Knife itself has the same blades and features as the RangerGrip52. The watch, knife, and computer case each have matched Serial Numbers. Only 1893 Numbered Sets are available worldwide.

For more details, information and pictures visit us at one of our sites:  Gem of the Day or TopFlight Watches

Monday, March 4, 2013

Introducing the amazing new Citizen Proximity, a men's perpetual calendar chronograph watch designed from the ground up to be an indispensable companion to your iPhone®. The Proximity come with built in Bluetooth® 4.0 connectivity and is self powered by Citizen's amazing Eco-Drive Light technology.

When sync'd to your iPhone® 4S & 5, the Proximity becomes much more than just a watch. Traveling across time zones has never been easier with the incredibly Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity. With the push of a button, your watch can automatically sync to the local time and date. The Proximity offers a 10 meter sync range that will instantaneously lock your phone and your watch will vibrate to let you know that you have exceeded the sync range.

Convenient key features include Time/Date Sync, iPhone® Search, Call & Email Alert and Calendar Event Notification. The watch features also include a second time zone, 12/24 hour time, and a power reserve indicator.

The strap is leather with a nylon backing and accented with color-coordinated stitching. The case is made of stainless steel and is water resistant to 100 meters or 330 feet below sea level. The free of charge Proximity App is available from the Apple App Store on your compatible iPhone® or from iTunes on your computer. Available in either solid stainless steel or the new popular black stainless steel, this is an excellent watch for pilots, travelers, and everyone that depends on Internet Connectivity.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New today on the Top Flight Watch Website is the Longwood Collection model 96B130 of the Bulova Precisionist Watches. In our showroom (and the website, too), the Bulova Precisionists have been real favorites. Bulova Precisionists are the only Quartz watches to have ultra smooth Sweep Second Hand flowing around the dial (like a mechanical watch, only even smoother).

But Bulova Precisionists are significantly more accurate than mechanical watches. In fact they are among the most accurate wrist watches in the world with a +/- 10 seconds a year accuracy.

The Longwood Collection are the first genuinely "Dress Models" of Precisionists, with sculpted cases and curved crystals. But they're still extremely tough. 

See the Longwood Precisionist on our website here to learn more:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sapphire Crystals on the Rise

A sapphire crystal probably one of my favorite features you can put on a watch.  It's just nice to have and one of the things I look for when I am considering buying a watch.  Why?  Because sapphire is the 3rd hardest mineral on the planet and make the crystal virtually scratchproof.  This is a pretty big deal in the long term of owning watches.  I mean if you collect watches, chances are you are going to have them for quite some time.  And if you are like me you probably wear them a good bit.  (I don't baby my watches.  If I put a watch on, I wear it.)  In doing so, I put a good bit of wear on my watches and anyone who has had either a plastic or glass crystals can tell you, they will get scratched up over time.  Sapphire crystals won't.

So, why doesn't everyone use sapphire crystals in all their watches?  The cost.  Sapphire crystals are expensive (at least comparatively to glass and plastic) so you don't see them in most of the lower end brands.  High end brands will feature sapphire crystals in almost every model (brands like Tag, Rolex, Omega, etc...).  Low end brands like to use plastic to keep the cost down and the brands that take up the large portion of the middle area usually have a mix of crystals depending on the price or the watch.

Fortunately, sapphire crystals are on the rise these days.  More and more companies are offering sapphire crystals on more of their watch collections. Take Citizen for example.  Citizen is a great watch brand with a mix of sapphire and glass crystals depending on the price and model watch.  Entry level watches are usually glass and the flagship watches are starting to be offered in sapphire.  This is a new move for Citizen and frankly a welcome one.  I love Citizen watches.  I think the quality for the price is one of the best at any price.  The Eco-Drive technology is fantastic too. I have been watching Citizen add more and more sapphire crystal watches over the years and I think it's the right move.  I mean, some of these Citizen watches are so nice and so well made that they deserve to have sapphire crystals.

A few years ago Citizen had almost no models in their line up with sapphire crystals but today you can find them sprinkled throughout.  Take the Firenza Collection for example.  This is a new series of watches from Citizen.  5 years ago, this collection would never have been offered with a sapphire crystal.  In fact, the Firenza collection is actually a remake of an older series of watches.  It was offered around 10 years ago and they were offered with glass crystals. This new collection is a reboot of the series with all the benefits of Citizen's new outlook.  The result is a great looking watch (EP5970-57A) that is well built, superbly finished with both Eco-Drive AND a sapphire crystal.  It doesn't hardly get any better than that.

Moving forward I hope to see even more.  Citizen is on the right path and Seiko is too.  With more and more companies adding sapphire crystals to the line up the future of the watch industry is looking better and better every day.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The New SWISS Watchmakers

Yesterday we introduced the new Torgoen Swiss T32 Collection of Swiss Made Automatic Watches.  After literally years of requests Torgoen has entered the mechanical Automatic Watch arena.  Their first entry is a classic design Swiss three hand Automatic with a date function.  And the entry level price of just $795.00 is remarkable, a real bargain among Swiss Automatics.

What's of real interest in Torgoen's choice of Swiss Movements, the Valanvron 24, a 25 jewel classic movement with the date function.  Just one year ago Torgoen would likely have chosen the ETA 2824, which is virtually identical.  But ETA, a division of The Swatch Group, has announced that it will, sometime in the future, stop selling ETA movements to all outside companies.

This has caused an explosion of new start-up manufacturers making certified Swiss movements to meet the demand of the non-Swatch Swiss brands.  We are now seeing ETA 2824 clones from Sellita and now Valanvron spring up to meed the expected demand for Swiss mechanical movements.

Our experience, so far, with these start-ups has been excellent.  We can't be certain of Swatch's reasons for restricting the sale of their movements.  It seems unlikely that they cannot meet demand as worldwide sales of Swiss Watches is stable given today's economy.  More likely they want the prestige of the ETA name for their own brands only.

Either way we think this development is good for the Swiss Watch industry.  Have all their mechanical eggs in one manufacturer's basket was never a good idea. Ultimately more manufacturer's will mean more innovation and lower prices.

We are happy to recommend the new Torgoen T32 Collection for anyone wanting to own a fine Swiss Automatic.  See the Complete collection on Gem of the Day or on Top Flight Watches.