Friday, November 1, 2013

Never Forget to Fall Back Again!

(Seiko Astrom Solar GPS - SAST003)

This Sunday marks the end of Daylight Savings Time (DST) in most areas of the USA.  Twice a year we adjust the time either forward or back depending on if we are going into or coming out of DST.  I always remember it by the old simple saying, Spring Forward or Fall Back.  Meaning in the Spring you set the time forward an hour and in the Fall you set it back an hour.  Most of us have done it all our lives and while we are used to doing it, it's still sometimes a pain. 

Like for me personally I have quite a few watches.  DST means having to adjust all of them at some point or another.  But it also means actually remembering that DST is happening.  How many time have we just missed it completely only to show up an hour early/late the following day?  More times than I care to admit.  But we carry on and go about our little time changing rituals.  Wall clocks, watches, car clocks, mantel clocks etc... but then there are a few clock that have started getting smarter.  Car clocks/radios and cell phones were among the first to offer automatically updating time.  If the feature is turned on, the clocks will automatically update to the correct time for you.  Wake up the next morning and your phone has already changed and ready for the new day.  It's a nice convenience and one that has started to spoil us to the luxuries of modern technology. 

Well now, watches are starting to make the leap as well.  Most notably the Atomic Controlled/Satellite Controlled watches.  Many watches have had DST features built in to them for years now but you still had to tell it to adjust the time.  Basically they just an hour adjustment when you told it to but these new AT (Atomic Time) watches are different.  They will adjust the time automatically without you doing a thing.  Just go to sleep as normal on Saturday night and wake up Sunday to find the watch is already updated and ready to go.  It's a wonderfully welcome feature to an ever evolving marketplace.  And beyond that it actually updates the time every night so it is to-the-second accurate all the time.  Time and date automatically adjust every day making these watches the most care-free watches to own.  Combined with the Solar technology you don't even have to change the battery!  Talk about easy to own and operate.

 (Citizen Skyhawk AT - JY0010-50E) 

So much so that I find myself wearing Atomic watches more and more.  They are just too easy and convenient compared to the other watches in my collect.  Not only is the watch always running (thanks to the solar tech), it's always got the right time and date down to the exact second.  Just pick it up and put it on. Not only that but I use it to set the time on my "less advanced" watches too.  It's the gold standard as far as accuracy and convenient to set by.  Whatever watch replaces it on my wrist gets set to the time before going back in my watch box.

Now don't get me wrong, I actually just blogged about the beauty of Automatics and how new technology watches have lost some of the "soul" you find in the beating heart of a mechanical watch but that is not to say they don't have their place right along side them.  So next time you find yourself going through the house and resetting everything for DST, remember that there is a better way.  And right now is the best time of all.  In celebration of these watches and just in time for DST ending we are launching a FALLBACK sale on all of our automatically updating watches.  All Atomic and Satellite watches are on sale from now through November 15th on Topflight Watches.  Just enter the code FALLBACK during checkout and receive an additional 10% off your purchase of any Atomic/Satellite controlled watch.