Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 Trasers (part 3) - Blue Infinity

Welcome to Week 3 of our Traser 2015 special.  This week we are going to take a closer look at the Blue Infinity.

The Blue Infinity is the brother to the Green Spirit of last week and largely shares most of it's features.  The biggest distinction of the two watches is of course the color and to a smaller extent, the overall way in which the color is applied.  The Blue Infinity is much more symmetrical for starters.  Aside from the asymmetrical stripes on the band, the rest of the watch is colored in a fairly standard fashion. 

Like the Green Spirit, the Blue Infinity is Traser's way of adding some color and pop to their impressive line of watches but the Blue Infinity is much more reserved in my opinion than last weeks offering.  While the Green Spirit is a little on the loud side, almost screaming with it's near neon-green, the Blue Infinity is a  darker affair.  In fact, paired with a standard black nato-style band the watch would easily be understated enough to go as an every day watch for any occasion.

On the flip side though, I actually quite like the blue and white striped band.  The white makes a nice accent and helps set off the design.  Black, blue and white is carried throughout the watch design, from the band to the hands to the dial and tie everything together quite nicely. 

One of the other ways the Blue Infinity sets itself apart is by utilizing Blue Tritium illumination.  Kind of a no-brainer here sure but it's a nice touch all the same.  At night you'll find blue tritium on every hand and marker save the 12 o'clock, which is white Tritium (again a nice touch from a color standpoint). 

(Night photo courtesy of Traser) 

Technical specs for this model are identical to the Green Spirit save the few already mentioned.  Here is a complete run down:

  • P6600 Double Case Design, Steel Inner Case with a Carbon Fiber Outer Case  
  • Movement: Ronda Calibre 517.6 DD
  • Blue Tritium Illumination on the Hour, Minute and Second Hands and Eleven Hour Markers
  • White Tritium on the 12 o'clock Hour Marker
  • Blue Tritium on the Elapse Time Bezel
  • Virtually Scratchproof Sapphire Crystal
  • 660 Feet (200 Meters) Water Resistant
  • Day and Date Window
  • Bidirectional Timer Style Outer Bezel
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Screw Down Case back
  • Nylon Fabric NATO Military Strap with Stainless Steel Buckle
  • Diameter: 45mm (48mm with crown)
  • Depth: (thickness) 11 mm
  • Lug Width: 22 millimeters

But at the end of the day, the biggest differences are cosmetic between these two new models. My best advise would be to choose the one you like best.  Essentially they are the same watch so take the one that speaks to you.  Because regardless of which you choose, you'll end up with a solid well made watch you can count on.  Traser makes some of the best watches in the business and these are no exception.

As always, you can visit us at any one of our store fronts to see more information, prices, details and availability: Gem of the Day, TopFlight Watches and Time 4 Tritium

Stay tuned for next weeks adventures.  Coming up is the all new Tornado Pro, Survivor Pro and Special Forces 100.  See you soon!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2015 Trasers (part 2) - Green Spirit

Welcome back to our multi-part coverage of the all NEW 2015 Traser watches.  This week we are going to take a closer look at the Green Spirit.  The Green Spirit is one of two new additions to the P6600 line of watches in the Traser line.  The P6600 all started with the Mil-G, the next gen military watch from Traser.  This watch effectively replaced the old Type-6 as the newest go-to military spec watch.  These watches were designed and intended for actual military use and as such they were very utilitarian and basic from a style standpoint.  As the popularity of the Mil-G grew Traser knew they needed to expand the series to cater to a wider audience.

As the series expanded, we started to get more and more styles.  At first, they were still very close to the Mil-G in terms of style.  Watches like the Elite Red and P6600 Automatic made little changes like Tritium color or swapping for an Automatic mechanical movement but before long the P6600 platform took over as the driving platform for a large portion of the traser line.  Everything from the Red Combat to the Extreme Sport to the Classic Elegance Chrono can draw it's heritage right back to the original Mil-G. 

Now enters the Green Spirit.  The most colorful and boldest variation of the P6600 series yet.  It's Trasers first attempt at a truly bold look in years and one of the few competitors to the colorful Colormark series from Luminox.  It's vibrant design is masterfully carried out from top to bottom.  Starting out with the basic P6600 case the Green Spirit makes some bold changes.

It's not just the addition of the color green but how it was introduced.  There are some cool design ques going on here that really make the watch pop.  Notice how the bezel is accented with the color green from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock and how the inner bezel is colored to match giving the watch and feint asymmetrical design.  Even more than that the inner bezel numbering and the dial numbering offset each other.  "6-12" is found on the inner bezel and "18-24" on the dial.

This asymmetrical design is also carried over into the band with the green stripes lining up opposite the outer bezel accents.  Each layer from the outside in only ever accents half of the watch.  It's subtle and most people might not even notice but it give this watch and really unique look within the Traser line and it's little touches like that that I look for when I buy a watch.

Like most of the P6600 series watches, the Green Spirit has a double case construction.  Black polymer outer-case with a steel inner-case.  This allows the watch to be lighter than a steel watch but still retain the screw-down caseback and crown.  This assures 200 meter water resistance as well as long term durability.  The Green Spirit also shares some upgrades with some of the later P6600 models.  Most notably it has a genuine Sapphire crystal

A full rundown of the specs look like this:
  • Double Case: Stainless Steel, Fiberglass Reinforced  
  • Movement: Ronda Calibre 517.6 DD
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • Trigalight Tritium Gas Illumination
  • Green Tritium on the Hour and Minute Hands
  • Green Tritium on the Unidirectional Timer Bezel
  • Green Tritium on the Number 1 thriu 11
  • Orange Tritium on the 12 o'clock Marker
  • Blackout Dial with Green paint on the Hands and Markers
  • Water Resistant to 20 Atmospheres (660 feet)
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Screw Down Caseback
  • Nylon NATO Style Strap / Green Stripes
  • Diameter: 45 millimeters (48 millimeters with setting crown)
  • Thickness: 11 millimeters
As you can see from above, despite the fancy color, the Green Spirit is the real deal.  It can easily take whatever you dish out and come back for more.  And of course because it's a Traser it features full Trigalight Tritium Illumination.  Meaning you can see this watch easily and accurately in any light condition, day or night.

All in all I really like the direction Traser has taken with the Green Spirit.  Adding more color to the line is a much needed step in the right direction.  It really pops and shines a light on an already impressive growing line of watches.  And as always you can find out more information, prices, picture and more on all three of our retail sites: Gem of the Day, TopFlight Watches and Time 4 Tritium.

Stay tuned next week as we take a look at the Green Spirit's brother, the Blue Infinity in part 3 of our on going coverage of the new Traser 2015 models.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

New 2015 Traser's are Here!

Tornado Pro, Survivor Pro, Special Forces 100, Blue Infinity, Green Spirit
That right!   The ALL NEW 2015 Traser's are here and over the new few weeks we are going to take a closer look at each one.  This is the beginning of a 6-part series and each week we are going to take an in-depth look at each of the new models. We'll discuss each in turn and let you know what each of them have to offer.  

 Traser model 105545
Two of the new models, the Green Spirit and Blue Infinity are based off the ever popular P6600 series and bring a fresh new look to the series and some much needed color. 

Traser model 105477
The other three and all new series and represent the next generation of Traser watches.  These effectively will be replacing the out going Long Life, Navigator, Commander and Black Storm Pro series.  They have all the same great fautures as the older models with some new tricks too!  

Traser model 105474
Keen eyes will also notice that the cases have been redesigned from the ground up with all new cases, bezels, dials and hands but more on that later.  For now, let's just say "Hello" to the new faces of Traser.

You can see the whole Traser collection at TopFlight Watches.  All models, pricing, specs and more!

Stay tuned for more info each week!