Friday, October 28, 2011

The Luminox Recon, Point Man

Well, we are once again excited about a Luminox product. Surprising I know, but Luminox is just one of those products that once you try it, you have to have it. The Tritium illumination is the key, but the watches are also a nice quality and Swiss Made. Fortunately the company is also growing and that means we keep getting new styles. Below is one of the newest styles just released for 2011.

The Recon Series is the newest series available from Luminox and the first watch available is the 'Point Man'. This series is very different from most of the other Luminox watches available today. While the overall style and build are similar to the Colormark Series, the function and illumination are completely unique.

You see the 'Point Man' is a watch designed for the ground solider and out door adventurer. And it's built with features that are actually useful for those out and about. The first and most important unique feature is the Walking Tachometer. This feature is rarely found on any watch and allows you to judge exactly what speed you are walking. this is handy for real field situations where you need to determine how far something is, how far you have traveled and how long it will take to get where you are going. Combined with this feature is the sun-compass functionality and bezel for timing. The watch even has a countdown quadrant of the dial that can be used to time maneuvers. Very cool stuff.

Plus you also get a great looking watch once the sun goes down. Take a look at the night illumination (pictured below). Very stylish blue and orange tritium light the way and still allow the watch to be used for timing maneuvers at night. Not to mention that is also striking to the casual observer.

All in all, I am very excited about this watch. It is always nice to see someone do something different. For more information and to order online, please visit us at Time 4 Tritium.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Torgoen's Newest Series - Alarm, GMT

We are pleased to introduce the newest series of Torgoen Swiss Professional Pilot's Watches, the T30 Collection. The T30's are the first Alarm Watches ever offered by Torgoen Swiss. And they off a fully independent 24 hour Military Style Hand and outer dial for tracking ZULU Time or a 2nd Time Zone. But we like the T30's because we think they are, by far, the best looking watches in the entire Torgoen line!

The Dual Time Hand (marked by a "24" on the end of the hand) hand can be set independently of the primary watch. It keeps track of time on the 24 hour scale with markers around the outer dial. Most pilots will set this hand to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), often also called ZULU Time and used by all pilots for logs and record keeping. Travelers might want to use it to keep track of a 2nd time zone. The watch is easy to read and features a big triple date window and a sweep second subdial.

The T30 has a 12 hour analog alarm feature. Like most alarm wristwatches, the alarm is not loud and might not awaken a sound sleeper. It is ideal for keeping track of appointments or timing intervals. And like all the best Alarm watches, it is extremely east to set and use.

This really is my favorite Torgoen model currently available. It has style, function, clean design and easy to use. What more could you want? If you are interested in purchasing one of these you can visit one of our online stores. There you can find more photos, pricing and the full specs on this series. Check it out at TopFlight Watches or Gem of the Day.