Monday, July 6, 2009

Worlds 1st Full Tritium 24 Hour Watch!

Virtually every other watch on earth tells time in a conventional 12 hour dial and the hour hand revolves around the dial once every 12 hours. In this new H3 Tactical Stealth Mission Watch, the hour hand only travels around the dial once every 24 hours! For pilots traveling day and night across many time zones, this design is extremely desirable. At a glance the pilot knows the time in the military 24 hour format.

Military personnel all also use the 24 hour time format to insure there are never any mistakes about the time for precision military operations. Likewise, this format is indispensable for people working under extreme conditions where it might be impossible to tell day from night, underground construction workers or miners, for example.

While only a very few of these 24 hour dial watches even exist, none has ever been made before with full Tritium Illumination. All 24 hour makers are tritium powered, as are the hour, minute and second hands. This means an amazing 27 tritium tubes are used to illuminate the watch dial.

The H3 Tactical Stealth Mission Watch is made entirely of surgical stainless steel. The crystal is virtually scratch proof sapphire glass. The Swiss Made Jeweled Quartz Movement is extremely accurate and durable. And the Watch is depth tested to 333 feet (100 meters) below sea level. All in all this is a great series of watches. Available in three different styles: All Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet, All PVD Case and Bracelet and a PVD model with a Rubber Dive Strap. For more information, pictures and details head over to any of our other sites:
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