Friday, October 28, 2011

The Luminox Recon, Point Man

Well, we are once again excited about a Luminox product. Surprising I know, but Luminox is just one of those products that once you try it, you have to have it. The Tritium illumination is the key, but the watches are also a nice quality and Swiss Made. Fortunately the company is also growing and that means we keep getting new styles. Below is one of the newest styles just released for 2011.

The Recon Series is the newest series available from Luminox and the first watch available is the 'Point Man'. This series is very different from most of the other Luminox watches available today. While the overall style and build are similar to the Colormark Series, the function and illumination are completely unique.

You see the 'Point Man' is a watch designed for the ground solider and out door adventurer. And it's built with features that are actually useful for those out and about. The first and most important unique feature is the Walking Tachometer. This feature is rarely found on any watch and allows you to judge exactly what speed you are walking. this is handy for real field situations where you need to determine how far something is, how far you have traveled and how long it will take to get where you are going. Combined with this feature is the sun-compass functionality and bezel for timing. The watch even has a countdown quadrant of the dial that can be used to time maneuvers. Very cool stuff.

Plus you also get a great looking watch once the sun goes down. Take a look at the night illumination (pictured below). Very stylish blue and orange tritium light the way and still allow the watch to be used for timing maneuvers at night. Not to mention that is also striking to the casual observer.

All in all, I am very excited about this watch. It is always nice to see someone do something different. For more information and to order online, please visit us at Time 4 Tritium.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Torgoen's Newest Series - Alarm, GMT

We are pleased to introduce the newest series of Torgoen Swiss Professional Pilot's Watches, the T30 Collection. The T30's are the first Alarm Watches ever offered by Torgoen Swiss. And they off a fully independent 24 hour Military Style Hand and outer dial for tracking ZULU Time or a 2nd Time Zone. But we like the T30's because we think they are, by far, the best looking watches in the entire Torgoen line!

The Dual Time Hand (marked by a "24" on the end of the hand) hand can be set independently of the primary watch. It keeps track of time on the 24 hour scale with markers around the outer dial. Most pilots will set this hand to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), often also called ZULU Time and used by all pilots for logs and record keeping. Travelers might want to use it to keep track of a 2nd time zone. The watch is easy to read and features a big triple date window and a sweep second subdial.

The T30 has a 12 hour analog alarm feature. Like most alarm wristwatches, the alarm is not loud and might not awaken a sound sleeper. It is ideal for keeping track of appointments or timing intervals. And like all the best Alarm watches, it is extremely east to set and use.

This really is my favorite Torgoen model currently available. It has style, function, clean design and easy to use. What more could you want? If you are interested in purchasing one of these you can visit one of our online stores. There you can find more photos, pricing and the full specs on this series. Check it out at TopFlight Watches or Gem of the Day.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tutima Limited Edition FX GMT

For many years Tutima Watch Company has been a supplier of precision time keeping instruments to NATO and the military and ari forces in Europe. The Pilot's FX GMT/Dual Time Watch is the standard by which all GMT watches must be measured. Its precise and detailed construction and design are world renowned.

Now, in honor of this great tradition, Tutima has made a special LIMITED EDITION of this heralded watch with a limited production of just 80 pieces worldwide (Model 633-31). The Watch Guys and Gem of the Day has been fortunate enough to obtain one of these watches and can offer this watch to one of our clients in the Internet.

If you are lucky enough to obtain one of these Limited Edition Pilot FX/Dual Time Watches, you will enjoy the precision benefits of this automatic timepiece encased in polished stainless steel case. The included strap is a water resistant black alligator leather with red contrast stitching.

Beneath the sapphire glass crystal are easy-to-read numbers and luminous hands and markers. Note the central red-colored 24-hour readout for your second time zone. Finally, the 24-hour rotating bi-directional bezel has 48 lockable positions that will allow you to keep track of a third time zone. With a double sealed, screw-in crown and date display, this fine Swiss movement is ready to keep you on track. As befitting such a prestigious Limited Edition timepiece, the watch is presented in a solid oak box with certificate.

Gem of the Day™ is pleased to be chosen as one of the very few Authorized Internet Dealers for this amazing watch line. For more information, pictures and details please join us at Gem of the Day or TopFlight Watches or call us Toll Free at 1-888-243-6329. Due to the extreme limited nature of this watch, you may want to call us to verify availability, price and delivery of this watch.

UPDATE: This watch has sold out and is no longer available

The New Look of...

TopFlight Watches! That is right, has a brand new look. Designed in house from the ground up and sporting great new technology on the back end, TopFlight Watches is better than ever. Be sure to check us out here and leave your comment's below. Tell us what you think of the new look!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Citizen World Perpetual AT

Ok, now I have to admit that we are a little excited about this one. The Watch Guys are truly pleased to present the newest Citizen Atomic Timekeeping model, the World Perpetual AT. Now as you may know Citizen has been making Eco-Drive watches with their 'AT' (atomic time) feature for a few years now. It all started with the Skyhawk AT and blossomed from there. To the point now were several series offer this truly wonderful feature. In fact, combined with the Eco-Drive feature it makes for one of the best watches available today. I mean come on... no battery to replace, no need to adjust the time and no need to adjust the date! Can it get any better? Well, in fact it can and it has with the all new World Perpetual AT.

First off is the overall design. It is much simpler than the other watches Citizen is designing with the same technology. The World Perpetual has the general appearance of a standard 3-hand watch. No overly complicated sub-dials, no e6b slide-rule nonsense, just a clean sleek and professional looking watch but still packed with the best features. We are talking World Time with 26 different cities pre-programmed, Eco-Drive, Perpetual Calendar, 200 Meter Water Resistance, Atomic Timekeeping, Solid Stainless Steel or Titanium cases and perhaps one of the best features rarely found on a Citizen watch... a Genuine Sapphire Crystal. That's right, you can't even get that on the flagship Skyhawk model.

So it looks good and also redefines atomic timekeeping with radio controlled accuracy in the USA, Europe, Japan and China where radio signals are received both automatically and on demand. You never have to change a battery or set the time ever again, even for DST (daylight savings time)! The watch will actually set itself. Wake up the next morning to find your watch has already adjusted the time properly. You really can't ask for more.

This particular version is available in two varieties, Stainless Steel or Titanium (CB0020-50E and CB0030-56E respectively). Unfortunately, Citizen has a "no internet" sale policy on this watch so you can't buy it from one of our websites. Fortunately, you can call us up and order it directly over the phone. So for more information and to order one for yourself please call us Toll Free at 1-888-243-6329.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Lady Trooper - An actual Ladies Tritium Watch

The Watch Guys are please to announce yet another option for the ladies when it comes to Tritium illuminated watches. And for the first time in several years, it is actually a ladies size! Working with the designers and management at H3 Tactical, the premier Swiss Watchmakers of Tritium Timepieces, Gem of the Day™ assisted with the concept and the design of these beautiful ladies sport watches and have please to announce that they are finally here.

Until this new H3 Tactical Lady Trooper, all women's tritium illuminated watches were either larger midsize watches (around 40 millimeters) or downright huge men's sized watches (up to 50 millimeters). A true women's watch size was unavailable. But the new Lady Trooper is just a mere 29 millimeters in diameter. It's large enough to read easily, but still a true ladies sport watch.

The new Lady Trooper is made to the high standards H3 Tactical has established for all their watches, The watch case is 316 grade surgical stainless steel with a screw down back. The crystal is the new super hard and scratch resistant K1 mineral glass. And the watch is water resistant to 100 meters or 330 feet below sea level.

But the most important feature is the ultra bright, self powered Tritium Illumination. These watches glow up to 100 times brighter than conventional watches. And they never need to be recharged by any external light source. These watches will glow brightly for up to 25 years.

All of this in a lovely ladies size watch! Finally! Be sure to check out more info and purchasing details here: Gem of the Day, Time 4 Tritium and TopFlight Watches

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Traser Elite Red

The all new TRASER P6600 Type 6 ELITE RED is the very first military grade watch to both offer the new RED TRITIUM and to meet and exceed the toughest military standards, MIL-SPEC-F. The P6600 is highly stable and shock resistant, with greatly improved water resistance. Traser watches are known throughout the world for their strength, durability and quality. But this new series is made to even a higher standard.

What makes the new P6600 RED ELITE so very different from all other military watches is the unique RED TRITIUM which is less bright than traditional green tritium. Although the wearer can read the time with precision accuracy in night ops, the watch cannot be spotted by others, protecting the wearing from being identified by the enemy.

Red Tritium has only recently been perfected by the engineers at Traser, H3 mb-microtec, the only manufacturer of Tritium Gas Tube illumination in the world. At this time only one watch has this very special feature. It is not available from any other manufacturer or on any other brand of watch.

On the ELITE RED, Red Tritium marks the hour, minute and second hands, as well as the hour positions. Blue Tritium marks only the 12 o'clock marker on the dial.

The Traser ELITE RED P6600 is also water resistant to 600 feet (200 meters) and has the improved K1 Hardened Mineral Glass Crystal for improved strength and scratch resistance.

Like it's nearly identical cousin, the Traser Mil-Spec-G, the new Traser P6600 ELITE RED has both a Day of the Week and a Date display.

For more info, pictures and details specs please visit one of our wonderful sites: Gem of the Day, TopFlight Watches or Time 4 Tritium

Thursday, June 30, 2011

ALL New Traser Translucent Collection

The guys here at the Watch Guys and pleased to introduce the ALL NEW Classic Series from Traser. Say hello to the Translucent Silver Collection! This series provides a fantastic new feature not seen anywhere else. Through careful engineering Traser is able to light the whole dial using only four (4) tritium tubes. That's right! All 12 markers are illuminated using only four markers.

How? By using ingenious new technology. Traser has implemented a translucent dial (hence the namesake) and reflectors to transmit the light to all of the markers. The result is remarkable. Be sure to check out the night illumination view to get the full effect.

But it doesn't stop there. This is also one of the thinnest Tritium watches available today, measuring in at only 8mm thick. This is also in part thanks to the new technology. Ther are able to mount the hands and markers on the same level and therefore cut out part of the normal height requirements.

Couple the slim, sleek design, classic good looks and new technology and you have a real winner. Not only that but it has a remarkable low price too! Check one out today. You will not be disappointed.

Find more information here, including pricing and technical information (size, water resistance etc...): TopFlight Watches, Time 4 Tritium

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New All Black Titanium Commander 100 Pro

The Watch Guys are proud to introduce the newest version of the Commander 100 Pro, the international standard in Military Watches. The all new TRASER P6507-B Commander 100 Pro has a solid Titanium case and bracelet and is completely PVD coated for an amazing flat black finish. It's already one of the best Tritium Military watches available today and now it's one of the only ones available in Black Titanium!

Traser Watches, made exclusively in Switzerland by mb-microtec, are made for Military forces worldwide and are widely regarded as the best in the business when it comes to Tiruium watches. Traser is the original tritium Military-Spec watch, with watches issued to and worn by military personnel around the world. And mb-microtec has created the best illumination technology available today, Trigalight® Tritium Gas Illumination.

What makes the Commander 100 Pro really different is the rare WHITE Trigalight® Tritium Illumination. The illumination is bright and easy to read in low light and in total darkness. And Tritium never fades during the night. With the Commander 100 Pro the tritium gas tubes are on every hour marker, and on every hand, even the second hand.

The Traser P6507 Commander 100 Pro is made of solid TITANIUM, stronger and yet lighter than Stainless Steel. And the watch case has a Black PVD Titanium Carbon finish. The crystal is virtually scratch proof sapphire glass and the Swiss Jeweled Rhonda Quartz movement is one of the most accurate watch movements ever made.

Naturally, the Commander 100 Pro is depth tested to 200 meters below sea level and can be worn under any conditions.

The Watch Guys are please to announce that our stores will be one of only a few nationwide carrying this product. The unique and highly desirable all Black Titanium model can be purchased at any of our great stores, Time 4 Tritium, TopFlight Watches or Gem of the Day. For more information, pictures, pricing or of you would like to buy, please visit one of the above stores.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Atacama Field Series by Luminox

Luminox 1825 (Pictured above) is part of Luminox latest series, Atacama Field Day/Date series. This new series is a direct spin off of the popular standard Field Series. Same great watches but with all new attitude!

The Atacama is a region in northwest Chile where the Atacama desert is found. This is one of the driest and harshest environments in the world, as well as breathtaking at times. This series of watch was inspired by this unique region and perfectly balances the ruggedness as well as beauty. You will find unique gun metal colored PVD plated steel cases and buckles, 24mm suede leather straps, with dial markings to match the strap colors (Model 1823 pictured below).

These watches feature 200 meters water resistance, screw-down crown and case back, anti-reflective sapphire crystals and Tritium Illumination. Accurate Swiss quartz movements with full day/date capability. Alarm Chronographs are also available in each distinctive color option (and Oversized too!).

(1883 Oversized 47mm Alarm-Chrono)

For more information and sales please contact us at 1-888-243-6329 or visit one of our websites: Time 4 Tritium or TopFlight Watches.

Friday, February 18, 2011

New Steel Colormark by Luminox

Many of our readers fondly remember and often request the old original Luminox Navy Seals Carbon Fiber Watches. These were the original steel Luminox watches and they were "tough as nails," durable and reliable. And perhaps more importantly less expencive then the to of the line steel watches. They hit the sweet spot between tough and affordable. At long last Luminox has re-invented this series as the new Navy Seals Steel Colormark Watches. Once again the cases are all stainless steel and the bezels are carbon fiber resin. But the dial itself is larger and much easier to read and the styling follows the popular Colormark design.

What hasn't changed is the great night illumination of Luminox legendary self powered illumination system. Without having to push a button or expose the timepiece to a light source, the time is continuously visible for up to 25 years! Look at the new Blue and Yellow Tritium combination of this series of watches.

The Luminox Navy Seals Steel Colormark is still made to exceed all Navy Seals specifications for strength, durability, toughness and water resistance (down to a whopping 660 feet). That's why the United States Navy Seals chose Luminox. Luminox developed the very first Navy Seals series back in 1993 to the specifications provided by the US Navy Seals.

Fast forward to 2011 and Luminox is one of the most preferred watches worn by military, law enforcement and emergency personal world wide. Check out more pic's, specifications and ordering information by visiting one of our stores: Gem of the Day, TopFlight Watches or Time 4 Tritium.