Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Traser Elite Red

The all new TRASER P6600 Type 6 ELITE RED is the very first military grade watch to both offer the new RED TRITIUM and to meet and exceed the toughest military standards, MIL-SPEC-F. The P6600 is highly stable and shock resistant, with greatly improved water resistance. Traser watches are known throughout the world for their strength, durability and quality. But this new series is made to even a higher standard.

What makes the new P6600 RED ELITE so very different from all other military watches is the unique RED TRITIUM which is less bright than traditional green tritium. Although the wearer can read the time with precision accuracy in night ops, the watch cannot be spotted by others, protecting the wearing from being identified by the enemy.

Red Tritium has only recently been perfected by the engineers at Traser, H3 mb-microtec, the only manufacturer of Tritium Gas Tube illumination in the world. At this time only one watch has this very special feature. It is not available from any other manufacturer or on any other brand of watch.

On the ELITE RED, Red Tritium marks the hour, minute and second hands, as well as the hour positions. Blue Tritium marks only the 12 o'clock marker on the dial.

The Traser ELITE RED P6600 is also water resistant to 600 feet (200 meters) and has the improved K1 Hardened Mineral Glass Crystal for improved strength and scratch resistance.

Like it's nearly identical cousin, the Traser Mil-Spec-G, the new Traser P6600 ELITE RED has both a Day of the Week and a Date display.

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Big Mike said...

Zac, Love the RED glow. Perfect addition to the collection. See ya when I get back from my hitch.

TheWatchGuy said...

Thanks Mike! Glad to hear that you are enjoying the new acquisition. We look forward to seeing you again. I'll try to have something new and special waiting for you.