Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tutima Grand Classic Black Chronograph PR

Tutima Grand Classic Black Chronograph PR

The new Tutima Grand Classic Black Chronograph Power Reserve with the Red Dial is one of the most dramatic timepieces ever created. It will be noticed immediately and will set you apart with its stunning design. It is one of the most handsome watches we've ever offered from any designer or manufacturer. A watch this extraordinary can only come from the designers of Tutima in Glashette, Germany.

The exhibition Back of the 781 Series of Grand Classic Chronographs The new Grand Classic Black Chronograph PR can cope with anything that comes its way, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology. The case and bracelet have a black coating which is largely resistant to shocks and scratches using a unique process designed by Tutima's German engineers. To begin with, the stainless steel itself undergoes a special process to harden it far below the surface layer. It is then given a coating of ultra-hard PVD coating (physical vapor deposition) in midnight black as extra protection.

The dial is also painstakingly designed to provide a clarity of the instrumentation including a rare power reserve display designed to make this chronograph the perfect companion for turbulent times. The Power Reserve instantly shown the remaining power stored in the mainspring. If the power reserve should start to dwindle, all it takes is a few shakes of the wrist and the Automatic Swiss selfwinding Valjoux 7750 movement produces new energy.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Wenger Braille Watch

Wenger TerraGraph Braille 

This watch has actually been around for a few years now but it recently came to my attention that we have never done a blog entry on it.  And to make things even more interesting, this watch is also somewhat unique in the watch world today.  For people who are vision impaired, there are only a few option available, most of which are really cheesy talking watches.  These are usually cheaply made, loud and embarrassing.  Assuming you want to know what time it is in a public setting you can't help but call attention to yourself.  But what other options are there?  To be honest, not many.

Fortunately, there is the braille watch from Wenger.  The Wenger TerraGraph Braille Watch is a nicely made Swiss watch that won't break the bank and allows for a much more discrete way to tell time.  The pop-up crystal allows the user to tell time anywhere very easily and without making a scene.  The classic analog design is attractive and well suited for any occasion.  

This classic braille watch combines the traditional watch design with a cover/crystal that can be opened using a push button to reveal a braille raised dot dial and sturdy reinforced hands. The Wenger Braille Watch, model #72345, is one of the very finest watches made by this extraordinary Swiss manufacturer. Wenger uses the skill developed as a maker of precision quality instruments to develop a strong, durable, fully functional braille watch. As the picture up top indicates, the crystal pops up to allow the blind wearer to "read the dial" with the touch of the fingers. For the sight impaired who have limited vision, the dial has large, black, easy-to-read numerals and heavy black hands.

The watch case is made entirely of fine Swiss Surgical Grade Stainless Steel and the crystal is scratch resistant hardened mineral glass. This watch is also entirely SWISS MADE to the highest standards. The Swiss quartz movement has jewels at all precision wear points, assuring astounding accuracy.

The attention to detail is exceptional, as you would expect from the makers of the "Genuine Swiss Army Knife"and makes this watch stand out above the rest.  For more information and ordering info please visit our store: Gem of the Day.  There you can find more information, detailed features about the watch and pricing information.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seiko Solar Chronograph Collection
Introducing the ALL NEW Seiko Solar Chronograph! That's right! Seiko has gone Solar and in a big way. These new watches are absolutely amazing. It's the perfect watch for any occasion. 

The Seiko Solar Chronograph collection has a built-in stop watch with 60 minute and 24 hour subdials, suitable for timing long events. Yet the watch is 200 meter water resistant thanks to a screw down crown, screw down case back and very rare screw down stopwatch pushers. The pushers must be unscrewed for the stop watch to be engaged. This is an exceptional feature and will prevent costly accidental pushes when underwater.

The SOLAR POWERED Calibre V175 Quartz Movement has a 6 month power reserve when fully charged. You will never need to replace a battery or open the case back and break the water resistant seals. Plus the watch continuously recharges in any light. Indoors or outdoors this watch is ready for action. The case is entirely made of stainless steel and the crystal is the very tough and durable Hardlex Crystal, developed and perfected by Seiko.

The model SSC017 has Steel Bracelet is solid, not hollow and the attachment uses a new, extra thick steel spring bar for extra durability. The bracelet itself has a double-locking 3-fold clasp with a dive suit extender. The model SSC031 has the traditional Rubber Dive Band.

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