Thursday, June 29, 2017

Traser Creates a True GMT Pilot's Watch... and It's Beautiful

Finally, H3 mb-microtec, the Swiss parent of Traser Watches, who are, by the way, the world leader in Tritium Technology, has added true GMT Pilot's Watches with independent fourth hands and a 24 hour subdials. Most importantly they've continued their leadership in watch illumination technology to create an amazingly functional and tremendously beautiful Pilot's Watch.
Top Flight Watches is pleased to introduce the all new P59 Aurora GMT Pilot's Watch Collection to our pilot's and travelers here in the U.S.A. As mentioned above the P59 Aurora is a true dual time zone watch, a 12 hour and a 24 hour timepiece with a fourth hand to easily indicate 24 hour time for any time zone you desire. The gradient color dial adds a touch of Swiss sophistication to the overall design and is great looking, too.
The watch also uses a combination of Lumi-Bright Luminous paint and Tritium Illumination to light the dial insuring maximum visibility day or night. There is Tritium Illumination on all hour markers and on ALL HANDS, including the 24 hour hand.  The 24 Hour subdial is also  fully illuminated with Tritium.

H3 mb-microtec has chosen to use their new super thin tritium gas tubes for illumination which allows more tubes to be placed closer together as you can see from the close-up above,  This means you get an illuminated marker for each of the 24 hour time indicators.  
Traser P59 Aurora GMT collection includes four model choices, all with stainless steel cases, anti-glare coated, scratchproof sapphire glass crystals and with depth tested water resistance down to 100 meters or 330 feet below sea level.  There are two dial colors and two strap or bracelet choices.  They can all be seen on either website linked below:

Saturday, April 8, 2017

New Traser Color Tritium Watch Exclusive for the U.S.A.

Virtually all of our regular readers (and most watch collectors) know that H3 mb-microtec is the only manufacturer of Tritium Powered light tubes in the world.  Every single watch manufacturer who chooses to illuminate their watch with Tritium must buy the gas light tubes from H3 mb-microtec. This includes Luminox, Ball Watches, Smith & Wesson and others.

But H3 mb-microtec also offers their own brand of fine SWISS MADE Watches under the trade name TRASER. As you might guess, Traser gets the newest light innovations, first.

For us here at Gemday, the most in demand color of Tritium Lights has been the Red. The red lights are dramatic and unique even though they are not quite as bright as the original green of the blue or white. Still, Red is HOT, if you'll pardon the pun.

Working with their new United States Distributor, Traser developed a LIMITED EDITION Red, White and Blue Tritium Illuminated Watch with the glowing tube colors that resemble the color layout of the United States Flag, Blue and White are in the upper left quadrant (like the stars on the American Flag), with Red and White on the other three quarters of the dial (resembling the red and white stripes).

Quantities are extremely limited and are only available for a very few dealers.  You can learn more about these watches, see more pictures (and you can buy one, too) at any of our three websites:

Traser Shade Red, White and Blue Tritium Special Edition, models 107370, 107371 from Gem of the Day

Top Flight Watches

Time 4 Tritium