Friday, September 15, 2017

Introducing the All New Time 4 Tritium Website

We are very pleased to introduce our entirely redesigned Time 4 Tritium Website.  This represents a gigantic step forward in both website design and in content presentation.  We believe this is the premier site for both buying and learning about watches.

First, and most importantly the website is now completely mobile friendly and will resize automatically for your tablet or your mobile phone without ANY LOSS OF CONTENT.  Too many website penalize users when they convert to a mobile phone size, reducing or actually eliminating content available on the browser size site.  Not on piece of information is lost.

Content is king on the new Time 4 Tritium Website.  Because we are actual dealers and we stock and ship every item shown on our website we actually have seen, handled, explored and tested every watch.  Many of our competitors have never seen a watch, they are conduits for outside manufacturers to ship.  They don't know dimensions, features or even how the watch works.  We are actual watchmakers and know the product inside and out.

All that information makes its way onto the website.  The information is detailed and complete.  Plus we back it all up with our TOLL FREE NUMBER 1 (888) 243-6329 so you can ask even more questions without any pressure to buy.

Click on this link to see a great example of the really indepth information we provide:  Traser P66 Red Alert Tactical Military Watch Now try this experiment: Do a Google Search and locate any other dealer and look at their website.  Most don't even realize the watch uses rare RED TRITIUM. They don't know the specs, they have no idea what tritium is our how it works.

The new Time 4 Tritium Website has a much larger selection of watches than ever before.  Yet it's easy to navigate and fun to explore.  And there is much more to come. 

Finally, we would welcome your feedback, ideas and suggestions.  Please add a comment to this blog. We look forward to hearing from you.

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