Friday, March 20, 2015

Excitement in Basel, Switzerland

The world's largest exhibition of watches in underway in Basel, Switzerland this week. Virtually every watch company in the world uses the Basel Fair to introduce new designs, new technology and time keeping ideas. 

Luminox Watch Company is no exception. The Swiss Leader in military, law enforcement and extreme sports is celebrating their 25th Anniversary and is using the excitement of Basel to showcase new 25th Anniversary Watches. Luminox announced in Basel that they are launching several series of high performance watches. The introductions are comprised of updated classics and new models. Naturally every introduction shares Luminox's legendary self-powered illumination H3 Tritium system. 

First we have the RECON Leader 8840 series, designed in collaboration with former Swiss Army Military Security NCO Andrea Micheli. Pictured above, the new chronograph alarm model is part of the RECON series. The watch features an alarm function, a chrono function with split second timing, multiple time zones, a walking speed tachometer, a contrast-color countdown quadrant on the dial, and a bezel compass. 

As always, attention to detail is a hallmark of Luminox design. For example each watchstrap contains three common map scales and an inch/centimeter measurement chart. The watches come in a military-style MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) package that also doubles as a sunglasses case. The RECON series will be available for purchase later this spring or early summer. 

Other 25th Anniversary designs will include a Navy SEAL series with a new 25th Anniversary dial set into the lightweight carbon-reinforced polycarbonate case. There will also be a new ANU (Authorized for Navy Use) Chronograph 4240 series is designed for Maritime Commandos and Elite Military Operatives. 

Finally, there will be a new Scott Cassell UVP Special Edition watch was made in homage to Scott Cassell, a combat diver and underwater explorer and in support of his Undersea Voyager Project (UVP). The watch features a stainless steel crown set in a carbon-reinforced case. Proceeds from sales of this watch will go towards the UVP. 

Look for these new watches and others in our Gem of the Day on-line Luminox Catalog