Monday, October 8, 2007

Colors Explode!

That's right! Colors are HOT right now when it comes to watches. Everything from New brightly colored dials to the ultimately popular Color Matched Tritium markers. Everywhere you look...colors are here! Take the new Colormark Series from Luminox for example. This new series is as hot as they come. They are selling so fast that Luminox can't even keep up. Why? Well, the success is two fold. First, they feature bold and defining color dials. Instead of a traditional color dial these watches utilize a rich black dial with Colored Numbers, Hands and Markers, making for a very bold series of watches. This in itself would probably be enough to generate a lot of interest, after all, the design is very striking, but fortunately, Luminox went a step further. In a brilliant stroke of genius, they decided to Color Match the Dial Color with the Tritium color. The result is brilliant color, day and night! Notice, Orange Dial during the day and Orange Tritium at night.

Even the Green Dial (Note: Green Tritium is the traditional color for most Tritium watches) gets a kick, infused with Blue accents. Take a look at the difference between the Original (Green) design of the Series 1 compared to the New Green Dial Colormark. Quite a difference!
Check it out for yourself here - We show all of the Dial/Tritium Color combinations as well as in depth details of the watches and their features.