Friday, March 2, 2018

The Power of the Sun

The sundial is the oldest know time keeping instrument.  The earliest known sundials are from about 1,500 B.C.  And the sundial is referred to in the Bible in both Isaiah 38:8 and 2 Kings 20:11 (about 700 B.C.).  It is of course logical to assume that man used the shadows of the sun long before that to estimate time.

One obvious limitation of the Sundial was it's inability to tell time at night, although man quickly learned to use the movement of the stars, planets and moon for that purpose.

If we "fast forward" about 3,600 years man is once again using the Sun as a primary source of power to tell time!  Citizen Watch Company has certainly perfected the use of their ECO-DRIVE power system to  harness light and store it to power very complicated watches that tell the time accurately anywhere on earth.  Here, rather than casting shadows, the sunlight (or artificial light) is converted into electrical energy and stored in a capacitor for use.  Most Citizen watches can store power for a year or more without recharging.

Shown at the top of the page is Citizen Watch Company's newest generation of their Altichron Watch which not only tells time, but also the altitude and compass directions, all powered by light.  The Watch Guys Blog reviewed the Altichron when the watch was first introduced and the functions have not changed.  Here is a link to the original review with its in depth functional instructions: The Watch Guys Review of the Citizen Altichron Watches.

The newest Altichron, model BN5058-07E, has a greatly reduced price, cleaner, more modern lines and superior strength and durability.  Unlike the plastic watches offered by some competitors, the newest Altichron is all stainless steel and is entirely analog.  It looks like a fine watch because it is a fine watch.  The Citizen Altichron is available on both our Gem of the Day and our Top Flight Watches websites at a great discount price with FREE SHIPPING.