Friday, June 27, 2014

Traser Outdoor Pioneer Chronograph

The Traser Outdoor Chronograph

Say hello to the all new Traser Outdoor Pioneer Chronograph.  Its the latest series available from Traser and it does something none of their other watches do.  It's an all new series with all new tricks!  On the surface, the watch looks like another in the ever expanding P6600 series but closer inspection reveals something completely different.  It's true there is a family resemblance but pretty much everything is new here.  It's slightly slimmer measuring in at 44 mm across the diameter and a little thicker top to bottom, measuring in at a chunky 14mm thick. 

But there is a reason for this extra thickness.  Firstly, this is a chronograph series and those movements require a little more room than a traditional 3-hand movement but more importantly, there is a little more room in there for it's secret weapon, the Tritium Illuminated Date Window.  That's right!  For the first time ever, Traser has made a watch with a fully illuminated date window.  

This was done by cutting out the numbers on the date wheel and then placing a Tritium tube underneath.  At night the effect is a perfectly readable date just like the rest of the hands/markers.  It works flawlessly and really adds that "X factor" to this series.  Normally this type of feature is only found on the really high end Tritium watch but Traser has done it and managed to keep the cost down too!  At a full retail price of $525, the Outdoor Pioneer Chronograph is a fantastic deal.

The rest of the watch is equally impressive as well.  just take a look at this list of features:

    • MOVEMENT: Ronda Caliber 5030D Quartz Chronograph Movement
    • 42 Month's Battery Life
    • Lightweight Fiberglass Reinforced Polyamide Case
    • Blackout Style Unidirectional Rotating Bezel
    • K1 Ultra Tough, Scratch Resistant, Mineral Glass Crystal
    • Water Resistant to 660 feet / 200 Meters below Sea Level
    • Black Silicone Dive Style Strap
    • Green Tritium on Number Markers 1 through 11
    • Orange Tritium on the 12 o'clock marker
    • Green Tritium Marker on the Time Elapse Bezel
    • Green Tritium on the Hour Hand, Minute Hand AND Large Second Hand
    • Green Tritium BELOW the Date Window to Illuminate the Date

Robust, durable and ready for anything, the Outdoor Pioneer series lives up to it's name.  It's the perfect watch for any situation and full Tritium illumination means that you will always be able to see the watch no matter where life takes you.  For more information, pricing and ordering information you can call us Toll Free at (888) 243-6329 visit us at one of our stores: Gem of the Day, TopFlight Watches or Time 4 Tritium.  Real watch experts are available to answer any of your questions in a no-hassle, no-pressure environment.  We love to talk watches.  Give us a call!