Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spread the Word - H3 Tactical is a Force in the Watch Industry

The addition of several fine Swiss brands of Tritium Watches has been a real benefit to the American consumer. While Luminox remains the leader in Tritium Illuminated Watches, a lot has changed in just the last three years! Today people looking for Tritium watches now have at least six brands and over 200 different models from which to chose.

Even more important, the addition of several Swiss manufacturers has led to increased competition and increased innovation. This, in turn has led to lower prices and new and exciting product.

We try to work with every watch company to bring our customers the very best new watches. And while every company has its strengths and weaknesses, no company is working harder to understand the American consumer or to build a better, more competitive product that H3 Tactical.

The management of H3 Tactical listens carefully to our every request and asks all the right questions about our customers. And then they quickly develop the products we need. Well, quickly isn't the best term to use when describing Swiss Watchmaking. Generally this means six to twelve months.

As great example is their development of a true ladies Tritium Sport Watch, the
Lady Commander. After Luminox decided to discontinue all Ladies watches, we asked every (and I do mean every) Swiss Tritium manufacturer to fill in the gap. Only H3 Tactical answered the challenge. Today the Lady Commander is a best seller.

No content to just develop "me too" product H3 Tactical has looked for areas where new and innovative watches are needed. One of the best examples in the Stealth Mission true 24 Hour Military Time Watch. This watch has twice the tritium of other watches and makes keeping track of military time easy, day or night. It's the watch I'm wearing in the picture at the top of this article. We also profiled this innovative watch earlier in this blog:
World's First Full Tritium 24 Hour Watch.

As the economy turns tough, it will take aggressive innovation, unyielding quality and great customer service to survive. We think H3 Tactical has what it takes.

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