Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Lady Trooper - An actual Ladies Tritium Watch

The Watch Guys are please to announce yet another option for the ladies when it comes to Tritium illuminated watches. And for the first time in several years, it is actually a ladies size! Working with the designers and management at H3 Tactical, the premier Swiss Watchmakers of Tritium Timepieces, Gem of the Day™ assisted with the concept and the design of these beautiful ladies sport watches and have please to announce that they are finally here.

Until this new H3 Tactical Lady Trooper, all women's tritium illuminated watches were either larger midsize watches (around 40 millimeters) or downright huge men's sized watches (up to 50 millimeters). A true women's watch size was unavailable. But the new Lady Trooper is just a mere 29 millimeters in diameter. It's large enough to read easily, but still a true ladies sport watch.

The new Lady Trooper is made to the high standards H3 Tactical has established for all their watches, The watch case is 316 grade surgical stainless steel with a screw down back. The crystal is the new super hard and scratch resistant K1 mineral glass. And the watch is water resistant to 100 meters or 330 feet below sea level.

But the most important feature is the ultra bright, self powered Tritium Illumination. These watches glow up to 100 times brighter than conventional watches. And they never need to be recharged by any external light source. These watches will glow brightly for up to 25 years.

All of this in a lovely ladies size watch! Finally! Be sure to check out more info and purchasing details here: Gem of the Day, Time 4 Tritium and TopFlight Watches


wambus said...

Why no lume on second hand? My wife is a nurse and needs to see the second hand in the dark. She also will not wear the larger watches. This is very nice, but for her, Timex is still going to get the job done where this one will not!

TheWatchGuy said...

I must say that I agree with you. This watch is nearly perfect but the lack of illumination on the second hand really hurts it over all. So close, yet so far. Hopefully newer model and designs can correct this over site in the future. Either from H3 Tactical or the competition.