Saturday, October 5, 2013

The NEW Seiko Sharktooth Monster

As many of our readers know, the original Seiko Orange Monster is a classic staple of watch collectors and divers the world over.  So popular that while originally it was only available in Japanese markets, the demand was so big they brought it to every other market in the world where it continued to sell well for years.  Now there's a new Monster and it is one great looking follow-up.

Featuring a solid black-ion finish and gradient orange to black sun burst dial, the Sharktooth Monster is one impressive watch to behold.  It's roots trace back to the original Orange Monster and you can see the similarities in many aspect of this new model.  First you will notice the case and bezel.  While actually retooled they have a strong resemblance to the original. 

Then there is the overall design of the dial and hands.  And once again, while similar, there are slight differences to the new design.  Most notable is the actual hour markers.  The new Monster has sharper angles which lead to it's namesake, the Sharktooth Monster (also referred to as the Sharptooth Monster depending on who you talk to).  This design change coupled with the black on orange color scheme and a few sharper lines end up making this watch a much more aggressive looking design.

But the changes don't stop there.  In fact the biggest change is one you can't even see.  The new Monster series from Seiko actually feature a brand new 25-Jewel Automatic/Mechanical movement.  This address the only real short comings of the original series of watches.  You see the original, while legendary for it's durability and dependability, had two flaws holding it back from being an otherwise perfect time piece. One was no stem winding capability and the other was no "hack" feature (where the time stops when you pull out the stem to set the time).  The new movement from Seiko offers both!  You can now fully stem wind the watch as well as the automatic winding from wearing the watch normally and you can also "hack" the time which allows to more specific and accurate timing of event and operations.

What comes as no real surprise is the superior night time illumination.  Now, it's no secret that we are big fans of Tritium watches here on The Watch Guys Blog.  I personally own several and generally preach their superiority at every turn.  But, like many things in life, there is always an exception.  That exception would be the Seiko diver's watches.  Generally speaking these are some of the best illuminating watches available anywhere in the world, at any price.  I mean take a look at the image below.  The effect is so bright you can use it like a flashlight and due to the fact that they apply such a generous portion of paint it can glow all night long.

So in the end you really end up with something quite special but what is it exactly?  A new bold design?  The next generation of a legendary series?  The evolution of a true classic?  Yes, yes and yes...  But also so much more. This marks the beginning of a new chapter for Seiko and the future looks bright.  This watch is really an amazing time piece and one of the few times that you get something even more special that the sum of its parts. You really own it to yourself to find one of these and see it in person.  Hold it in your hand and really feel it.  Wind the stem and feel the turn of the movement.  I'm telling you, this watch is special.  Don't miss out.

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