Friday, April 3, 2009

The Uzi Ballistic Watch

UZI is calling their new Ballistic Watch the toughest watch ever made. While this might be a slight exaggeration, it is one really tough watch and one we can heartily recommend to our clients.

The Ballistic is the latest in a line of Tritium Illuminated Watches from UZI. Tritium Illumination glows brightly for 25 years and never needs recharging.

Here's a video the folks at UZI made, having a little fun with the new watch. By the way, Campco is their American Distributor.

There are three secrets to the new UZI Ballistic watch that makes it so tough. First, the crystal is a virtually shatter proof polycarbonate glass. And the crystal is recessed, too.

Second, the movement is protected with an internal shock protection mechanism.

Finally, the case is an extra tough and thick stainless steel. The watch is also water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet).

You can get the full specifications about on the new Ballistic and see all three models at our
Uzi Ballistic Time 4 Tritium Website. Check out our new, lower prices on all UZI models, too.

2 comments: said...

This is a very nice watch, and has held up to a lot of tests for durability. I got this for my husband who is a mechanic and uses torque tools (hammer air tools etc) and the first time he took the hammer air tool to torque off bolts while removing tires from an old 1950 grain truck the second hand on the watch fell off and floated around inside the casing! That's not indestructible and it's NOT QUALITY! If this watch claims, as it does, to be able to handle vibration then it failed this test. The 1 year warranty is a good thing since the watch is barely 90 days old AND COST OVER $200.00, but getting them to replace the watch is a headache! First they want YOU to PAY to return the watch to them with a RA number and then they want YOU to PAY an additional $5.00 so they can send the replacement back to you!! They don't mention this in their famous 1 year warranty! For something that is supposed to be indestructible it should have a 10 year warranty. Upside is that every new watch they send you comes with a NEW 1 year warranty.

If this watch breaks again I'm not sure we will just keep sending it back, with fees of 10-50 per year for warranty it might be better to just buy a better watch!


Also once you return the defective watch they make you wait two weeks then ship it the slowest method possible! If the old saying "time is money" is true, then I've lost a lost a lot of money cuz my UZI is in the CAMPCO 2 week waiting period, so I don't know what time it is!