Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ladies Tritium Watch? Yes! Finally!

Well, it seems someone is paying attention out there. If you recall, we did an article a few weeks ago and discussed the need for a ladies Tritium watch. In fact, there is a down right void in the watch industry right now. Or at least there was...

Introducing the ALL NEW Ladies Commander Tritium watch from the good folks at H3 Tactical. Yep, they've done it again. Just the right watch at just the right time. And this time someone got it right. A ladies watch that the average woman in America wants to wear. This watch has a case measurement of just 35.5mm. Slightly larger than the standard ladies watch from Citizen but not too large to actually wear.

Not only that but this watch is tough. You can take this watch literally anywhere and not give it a second thought. With features like a Genuine Sapphire Crystal, Stainless Steel Case, Screw Down Crown, Screw Down Case Back, Full Tritium Illumination and 200m Water Resistance, this watch is ready for anything.

Bravo H3 Tactical, Bravo!

For more info, pictures and purchasing head over to one of out three shops: Gem of the Day, Time 4 Tritium or TopFlightWatches.


Julie said...

I've been waiting for a ladies tritium watch for years ( my husband is retired Navy and has worn tritium watches for years)
How do you compare this with the ladies Luminox ?

TheWatchGuy said...

This watch will be very comparable to the Ladies Stainless Steel Luminox. Similar size and quality with the same basic features.

Douglas said...

This is still not a feminine watch. My wife is a pediatric nurse and wants a watch she can use to check vitals in the dark (so she does not wake up kids at all hours) and still look pretty on her arm. This is NOT a "pretty" watch. Timex with Indiglow is still the best game in town for her usage and wants. When someone can put tritium on a small watch that does not look like a 'field' watch, let me know.

Watchmaker said...

Douglas, My mother wears a ladies Timex Indiglo watch and just loves it. The Timex is slightly smaller and slightly thinner, so I can understand and agree with your comments.

However, this watch is also quite attractive. I'm not sure our photography does it justice. Still, it is larger than the Timex and has a sportier, dive or beach watch look, not dressy.

The big advantage to the H3 Tactical Lady Commander is that there are no buttons to push. One glance you can read the time and, especially, the seconds.

The parent company of H3 Tactical (Swiss Time Corporation) is working on a smaller, dress model that they hope to introduce in the fall of 2011 under the Swiss Timer Brand.