Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clearence Savings

I just recently posted an article about saving money while still shopping with Authorized Dealers. In that spirit I thought I would post up some of the fantastic deals we have going on right now at Gem of the Day, TopFlightWatches and Time4Tritium.

Each of our sites have a special Clearance section that showcases some of our best deals. Special deals you won't find anywhere else. For example, we currently have deals like this...

DOWN TO $139.00
Wenger #70832

This Wenger watch has a retail of $400.00 but we have it for the Special Price of $139.00!!! That is a savings of OVER %65 Off! And the best part is that Gem of the Day is an Authorized Dealer. That means you get a Brand New watch fully boxed, with the Full 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Saving money and buying with confidence has never been so easy. For more deals like this one check out the clearance pages for each of our sites.

Gemday Clearance - http://www.gemday.com/watches/clearance.shtml
TopFlight Clearance - http://www.topflightwatches.com/deals.cfm
Time4Tritium Clearance - http://www.time4tritium.com/deals.cfm

We are Authorized Dealers for EVERY Brand we sell.

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