Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tour de France

I simply must add a note about the extraordinary WEB SITE for the Tour de France.

The promise and the power of the Internet are close to being realized with this dazzling news, sport and analysis web site. For any fan of the Tour or of bicycle racing, this is a wondrous site full of features and information.

The Tour itself began in London (yes, London!!) back on July 7th and runs through the end of July. It is tragic that drug use and controversy have tainted the race. This journey through rural France is worth watching for the scenery alone. The countryside is simply beautiful.

In keeping with the theme of the Tour de France, Gem of the DayTM has introduced six new Festina Tour de France Alarm Chronograph Watches for our sport and athletic customers.

We continue to strongly recommend the Festina Tour de France models to anyone who is active in any sport. It is simply the best, toughest and easiest to use of all alarm chronographs. No one has ever designed an easier to use alarm function. It's simple to set the alarm time and you can verify the fact the alarm is set at a glance.

Click on the following link and you can see the new color dial and color padded and stitched strap Festina Tour de France watches.


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